Threats to report his actions to Child Protection Services seemed to only embolden the wayward man-child.

A selfie-type video copied and shared on the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit by redditor /u/is_a_pretty_nice_guy shows a Dad riding on his Honda sports bike with his daughter riding in front of him, both without helmets.

Check out what most on the subreddit are calling downright negligent.

I have no words for this level of idiocy. : IdiotsInCars (

OP’s deliberately kept the identity and whereabouts of this Dad private to prevent doxing but, according to their comments, his Facebook profile is public.

A Child Playing Motorcycle Simulator
A Child Playing Motorcycle Simulator

In the video we can see the daughter’s clearly riding in front of him, both her hands gripping the handlebars to keep the bike riding straight.

She looks no more than 5 years old.

The bike they’re both riding on is a Honda, the engine sounding no larger than 250 ccs, although, the specifics of the bike are beside the point.

Although we don’t know where this Dad and daughter live, all states have helmet laws that, at the very least, require minors younger than 17 to wear a helmet.

Even if they’re in Canada, helmet laws are similar if not more stringent, both rider and passenger must have helmets with the rider responsible for providing helmets for passengers younger than 16.

On top of that, laws in states like Texas, strictly spell out it’s against the law for passengers to ride in front of the main rider.

According to /u/is_a_pretty_nice_guy, who seems to know who this guy is, he’s made a report to CPS on the girl’s behalf.

“Made the report with CPS yesterday. Everything on his Facebook is set to public which should make their job a lot easier. Once he starts locking down his privacy, I’ll figure that’s when it has hit the fan.”

Concerns from Family members seem to do little to elicit any emotions or comments of reassurance from the father, screenshots of his comments shared on the Reddit thread showing they’ve had the opposite effect.

“Just because I had an accident doesn’t mean I should coward down like a little b**** and not ride anymore,” he comments. “Everyone wrecks! Everyone. My daughter’s gonna learn young. Can’t hate because I got a cooler daughter than everyone else.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong or illegal about allowing kids to ride with you on a motorcycle.

However, on public roads, there are, at the very least, state guidelines and laws you have to abide by, and this Dad is clearly doing none of those.

There’s also nothing wrong with starting kids out on two wheels at a young age but, there’s a commonly accepted and right way to do it (with good reason) with age-appropriate motorcycles, gear, and helmets and, again, this Dad is doing none of those things.

It’s pretty clear this Dad’s unnecessarily exposed his daughter to increased risk without any thought of proper risk mitigation and for that, it’s just plain bad parenting.

OP’s not commented whether he’ll update us on this guy’s situation and even if he does, I fear it’s not going to be anything positive.

I’ll check in on his posts from time to time (if I remember) and will update this blog post accordingly.

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