The crash occurred on the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway.

According to Peninsula Morning News and QQ, on November 24, 2022, firefighters were called to an accident on the Shihe Toll Station of the Shenyang-Dialian Expressway to find an SUV on its roof.

As the now viral video shows, a crossover is seen travelling at full speed towards a crash attenuator (barrier) meant to separate two toll lanes of traffic. The attenuator does its job, redirecting the full force of the crossover, launching it into the air and resulting in the crossover landing on its roof.

Firefighters arrived (13 minutes after getting the call) to find a confused but conscious driver still trapped in their vehicle.

Photos from the scene of the accident show the crossover suffered severe deformation, most importantly, around the driver’s compartment.

Local firefighters carefully extract the driver from their SUV.
This angle of the photo shows just how severe the crash was.

The rescue workers were able to extract the driver from their vehicle and moved the driver to safety.

A blanket kept the driver warm, the report saying firefighters had to constantly talk (yell) at the patient to keep them awake.

Less than half an hour after firefighters rescued the victim, an ambulance arrived, the victim handed over to medical staff for treatment before being taken to hospital.

Their condition as of this blog post remains unknown.

Local police have launched an active investigation into the accident to further find out why the driver veered into the path of the barrier.


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