This 4th gen Civic Wagon is registered in Arizona and comes with a manual swap and pedals.

Browsing Instagram and I came across one of Honda’s quirkiest, little wagons for sale in Phoenix, Arizona, a 1995 Honda Beagle 4WD with about 62,000 miles for $9,500.

Here’s a collage of photos of the Beagle below, the attached videos, and the Instagram post (as long as it’s still up.)

1995 Honda Beagle

If you’re wondering why what looks like a 1987-1991 Honda Civic Wagon is a model year 1995 (three years into what’s commonly known as the 5th gen Civic,) your confusion is understanding.

I was confused.

According to Civil from 10th Civic Forum,

“The last Honda Civic Wagon was only available in Japan and other Asian markets from 1992-1995. It was a body style variant for the 5th generation Civic, but was actually the same un-updated Honda Civic Wagon from the 4th generation.

While the 4th gen Civic Wagon was just called a Civic Wagon (or to some extent, a Wagonvan) in the United States and a Civic Shuttle in Europe, in Japan they were called Civic Shuttle Beagles.

Of course the JDM verisons of cars would get hacking cute nicknames like Beagle, it really adds character to an already quirky, little soft-roader.

Official info on Beagles is quite light on the internet but, from what I can see, these Beagles are 4th gen Civic Wagons that came in FWD and 4WD (via Honda’s Realtime 4WD) variants.

What made them Beagles is that Beagle Bull bar with lights, an unpainted lower half, headlight washers, alloys (borrowed from the CR-X Del Sol or the other way around) and Beagle graphics.

Under the hood is the same engine found in the ’88-’91 Civic Si, the SOHC D16A6 with a period correct 108 HP and 100 lb-ft.

This one appears to be in decent shape.

Lowered on springs, if I was buying this, I’d definitely swap those out to OEM spec to return it to stock ride height and possible throw on some road friendly A/T tires.

The seller mentions it comes with a manual swap but, if you know me, automatic is A-OK.

This one does NOT have those Beagle graphics, so sourcing some NOS decals is not even a question.

Personally, $9500 is a lot, then again, it does say OBO.

Knock off at least $1500 off that price and that Beagle looks just about right.

What do you think of the Honda Beagle? Would you buy this one?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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