The person filming can be heard saying in Russian, “Let’s go help.”

If you need another reminder to take it easy on the highway and to keep your head on a swivel even if you’re driving in the slow lane, here’s yet another video to do just that.

Smartphone video shared on the /r/idiotsincars subreddit and Youtube shows a classic late ’60s/early 70s Chevrolet Chevelle seemingly going straight, gunning it in the fast lane, until he isn’t. For some reason the Chevellle loses control and almost makes a 90-degree turn and heads straight for a Toyota Sienna two lanes over.

The unfortunate inevitable happens and the Chevelle broadsides the Sienna sending the Toyota van flipping one and three-quarter times before the van lands on its side.

Check out the frightening video for yourself below.

The accident happened on SR 202 aka J Turner Blvd. in Jacksonville Blvd just a half a mile from the Gate Parkway exit (Google Maps url linked here.)

The video starts out with the presumed Dad whipping out his phone to take a quick video of a fast approaching/passing classic Chevelle in the passing lane.

It’s not clear why the Chevelle lost control but, par for the course for Florida and as evidence by the drops of rain on the filmer’s car’s windshield, it’s sprinkling.

The roads are wet.

As /r/ZeroTheWanderer put it,

“Nothing happened other than the driver is/was an idiot. You can hear him put his foot into it, the car downshifts, and he loses it.”

As another Redditor pointed out,

“He is Russian, he says “oh no, охренеть, охренеть, let’s go help” after the crash.”

A quick Google search did not bring up any news outlets or police reports reporting on this crash.

Hopefully, both the Chevelle and Sienna occupants made it out OK.

And, if you’ve got a classic, high-powered muscle car, as mentioned, this is your reminder to know the limits of your car/tires, and to drive accordingly.

h/t – Reddit


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