Is this a forced lane change on the U.S. Causeway gone too far? Commenters are divided on who’s mainly to blame.

A dashcam video shared by West St. Tammany Traffic and Donuts Facebook member Amanda Perkins is getting a lot of attention, the video shows a driver on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (aka The Causeway) effectively pit maneuvering another truck as the truck tried to force his way into his lane.

The Causeway bridge is two parallel bridges, each two lanes wide, that spans 24-miles over Lake Pontchartrain.

Causeway Police reported an accident on Nov. 2, the day this dashcam video is timestamped but it’s not clear if this incident and their report are one and the same.

Check out a copy of the controversial video below and, if you so wish, check out the stream of 2000+ comments on the Facebook post linked here.

Based on the style of pylons on the other bridge visible out the dash cam driver’s windows they’re headed towards New Orleans.

The dash cam driver is travelling at 75 MPH in the left lane when he notices a driver in what looks like a black Chevrolet Silverado pass him on the right,

He maintains his speed and in doing so, decreases the gap between him and the car in front of him leaving no space for someone to change lane.

The driver in the black truck slows, doesn’t signal, and starts to veer in front of the dash cam driver apparently forcing his way in front of him.

The dash cam driver maintains his speed and, when his front bumper makes contact with the back of the black truck’s bumper, making an avoidable situation instantly unavoidable, he steers to the right to avoid broadsiding him and effectively pit maneuvers the black truck.

Perkins’s shared video’s been viewed 57,000+ times with over 2000 comments and counting.

Most of the top comments are debating who’s exactly to blame here, most siding with the dash cam owner while others (myself included,) think there’s blame to share on both sides.

“The comments show a lot about society. Imagine seeing someone pass on the right lane, turn without signaling, speeding, merging inappropriately, hit someone, continue to merge (into someone). And then call the other driver a menace. This is why the aliens won’t visit us. ,” Dakota Cook comments.

“Sadly, with the dash cam video…The beef jerky lover could be found partially at fault because it shows he intentionally rammed the black truck causing the accident.” Jeffrey Davis added.

“If the accident caused injury or death to drivers behind them, both drivers will get sued and likely both would lose. If you have the time (there was 6 seconds) and opportunity to avoid an accident and fail to do so, you could be found negligent.”

Louisiana is a slower traffic keep right state.

According to a blog from Matthiesen, Wickert, & Lehrer Attorneys at law,

“Louisiana requires all vehicles to travel in the right lane except when overtaking a vehicle, when the right lane is closed, or upon a designated roadway for one-way traffic. Slower traffic must keep right.”

It’s also worth noting that Louisiana is a comparative fault state meaning either victim can sue the other for some damages even, if these comments seem to think, one party is 99% at fault for the accident.

Do you think one driver is blameless over the other?

Or, does either share part of the blame?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


  1. Are y’all ****ing brain dead? This a**hat could’ve just let off the brakes for 2 seconds and let in the truck. Unavoidable accident? Y’all need to go to traffic school you back a** r*****s. Whoever wrote this article should be fired Jesus

    • I said “avoidable” to “unavoidable” you imbecile. I acknowledged it WAS avoidable. Well, I can’t fire myself, it’s a one man show so chortle deez nutz.

    • looks like we found the stupid f****t who tried to cut the other driver off. Speaking for the rest of the civilized world, **** yourself.

      • “Rest of the civilized world” Bro no one civilized thinks that attempted murder is an appropriate response to getting cut off. Black truck is a d*****ag, cammer and this comments section are a bunch of f****n psychos

        • Lmao guy dense as rocks thinks that driving correctly is attempted murder. He didn’t purposely turn into the guy. Hope you grew a spine In the last year

    • Talk about brain dead and say let off the brake for two seconds, you clown. He didn’t accelerate and the other guy didn’t signal and cut him off. 10/10 pit maneuver, that moron learned an expensive lesson that day. Too bad the others behind them have to pay the price of waiting.

      • That’s wishful thinking. The truck driver and the people behind are lucky of they didn’t end up with severe injuries. The truck driver could have done better but this guy almost killed people amd possibly killed people because he was mad. You’re ticking time bomb aren’t you buddy

    • And…. The driver did just that you f*** stick. He did lay off the brakes. You meant to type let off the gas. You are showing your ignorance and lack of driving skill. Paulo called you and imbecile but you are worse than that. You are an imbecile with a smart phone who thinks he knows things he knows nothing about. I hope your phone breaks and you get dog shit for Christmas.

    • Did you bother to read the article? He actually stated he thought both drivers were at fault and the situation was avoidable. Commenting like that on an article you obviously either haven’t read or comprehended, makes we wonder who’s the brain dead one! (well actually it doesn’t, pretty obvious who is the brain dead one and it’s not the author of the article)

      • Did you read the title. The writer is totally on the psychos side of things he just left that at the end to come off unbiased

    • Listen little lady, right of way says he doesn’t need to touch his brakes! He has position in his own lane black truck Fa&Fo fast! I’m with the jerky guy

  2. …. “keep right unless passing” absolutely IS a law in Louisiana; they only have hundreds of signs with this posted along the Interstate every few miles. ??‍♀️

    • Did you watch the video?
      The driver WAS passing.
      The white car in front of him WAS PASSING
      and likely the vehicle in front of that car.
      They were OVERTAKING.
      as in PASSING
      That vehicle in the right lane.

      You folks needs to settle down on your sacred left lane.
      Nobody was camping in the left lane, they were PASSING

  3. Dash cam driver “Failed to yield”. The Pickup is doing an illegal and dangerous lane change, however almost nothing removes the responsibility of a driver to yield. A driver should act like they are always proceeding though an intersection when the yellow light, or yield light is shining. Even if they are travelling down a highway without intersections.

      • This person is advocating for accident avoidance and you call him a hazard to themselves and others? That doesn’t make any sense.

        On the other hand, intentionally pit maneuvering someone because they’re cutting you off is hazardous, and in my opinion, mentally unhinged behavior.

  4. A vehicle is as deadly or more-so than a firearm. There is NO doubt that the driver of the black truck was being reckless, but camera man had an opportunity to PREVENT an accident. Instead, he caused one. He did not know what the ultimate outcome would have been here (potentially TERRIBLE) and the “lesson” is NOT worth the accident and potential loss of life (never-mind the inevitable delays to SO many other people behind the incident because of his pride). They were both horribly irresponsible, but cameraman took the disease and turned it critical on another level. This is not terribly different from someone mouthing off and someone else pulling a gun and shooting the other in the belly (hey – not intended to be lethal). No – that’s a bad analogy because doing this on the causeway might be far more likely to actually kill multiple people and certainly cause more problems for everyone else. Cars are some of the most lethal weapons available and this guy chose to use his AS a weapon simply because of pride. Disgusting. We need to treat each other better even when some don’t seem to deserve it, because if we don’t, it ultimately just makes things worse for everyone.

  5. Always being the dashcammer, except… not PIT ing people. Always letting these twats in in front me to avoid and accident. It felt so good watching this. Yes, they’re both at fault. But god damn if it didn’t feel so good watching the black truck get what he fucking deserved.

    • That’s what this world is all about today me me me .the truck wanted to lane change there was traffic in front of the both.everyone always swears the other party like the truck has bad intent everytime when the truck just wanted to change lanes yes he didn’t put his blinker but we are all guilty of that every now and then honestly what is the big deal cause I know we all been the dash cam driver and we all been the truck so we all know both sides and how it feels and if
      we all can’t say it all could have been avoided if the dashcamer would have just braked even though we all know the truck was probably wrong for no blinker and squeezing in just by braking the whole thing could have be avoided and not
      cause the damage it did being considerate of others and I don’t mean the truck a persons poor actions in a vehicle can cause damage and hurt to others who aren’t even involved it’s why sometimes I do what I really dont want to when on the road cause I’m not the only one on it or I don’t want to act like i own it just saying

    • you must lead a very sad life if seeing someone else injured or put in distress brings you joy you should be ashamed of yourself

  6. If there was a way to educate the black truck folk without collision, snackman could have done that, but the horn just makes them mad, and it’s not a police matter until someone loses some paint. I send dashcam footage to the authorities, not because they’ll ticket, but because it lets them know who and where the problems are.

    I try to be the better person and tap the brakes when encountering an idiot, but eventually I won’t have time, or my vehicle will be too big. I’ve seen folks try this stuff when their 4-wheeler weighs about 4% of the rig behind them. That’s tin can territory.

    • LOL! Yeah, that’s why new comments aren’t just approved. Living in your mom’s basement, cookie crumbs on your stomach loser.


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