She criticized an EBT shopper for buying $600 worth of decadent foods when she herself was likely on the receiving end of thousands of tax payers money.

A Southern California woman named Dawn McKenzie, who went by @DawnEMcKenzie on Twitter, infamously posted photos of a Costco receipt of an EBT recipient she found in a random shopping cart.

“Let’s Go Brandon” pretty much sums up the type of person she is.

In her tweet she criticized how said EBT grocery shopper was spending $600-worth of hard-earned taxpayer money buying shrimp, lamb, pork belly, New York Steaks, and lobster tails and, after that “splurge” on fancy food, still had over $1,800 left to spend.

A screenshot of her tweet I’m posting below show’s McKenzie’s tweet was viewed at least 757,000 times receiving over 1,300 comments, 2,800 retweets and 2,000+ likes. If it was attention on the “issue” she wanted, she clearly got it as her tweet royally backfired in her face.

@DawnEMcKenzie’s tweet criticizing EBT users.

As many repliers pointed out, it was none of her business to gatekeep what a person on EBT is allowed to spend their grocery money on, especially two days before Christmas (a time of year people typically treat themselves and their families.)

McKenzie’s tweet heavily suggested that EBT people should only spend their EBT credit on anything that’s non-luxurious. Anything more would be wasting the American taxpayer’s money.

Twitter, of course, did not take kindly to McKenzie’s right-leaning criticism and did some digging.

Thereon Gilliand, Jr. (aka @hotgayscientist) does a succinct breakdown of what Twitter found out but basically they discovered McKenzie’s employer was on the receiving end of over $3.1 Million in Payment Protection Plan money.

According to several tweets and a quick Google Search, apparently McKenzie works for Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac as a Customer Service Representative.

@DawnEMcKenzie is a customer service rep for Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac

McKenzie’s husband Craig is also employed by the same family of dealerships.

According to ProPublica, Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac received $3,116,808 in PPP Loans with $3,157,500 forgiven. Between the 198 jobs reported and that’s close to $16,000 in loans per Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac employee.

A screenshot of Paradise Chevrolet Cadillac’s PPP Loan

Doled out as outlined to “Payroll,” and it looks like McKenzie and her husband were both recipients of thousands of dollars of American taxpayers’ money.

Using her own logic, do you think she used her salary, American taxpayers money, buying only essentials?

I doubt it.

There’s another theory/explanation going around that said the receipt she found was actually McKenzie’s as evidenced by similar/if not the same foods posted on her personal Instagram (like her Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, now deleted) but said photos are not exactly proof.

A cliche of a quote comes to mind that McKenzie should remember, when you point a finger at somebody, three fingers are pointing right back at you.

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