This thread on a hit-and-run in Pointe-Claire offers advice how to locate a semi truck and its driver for insurance purposes or otherwise.

Reddit user /u/hootoohoot shared dashcam footage earlier yesterday (Jan 8, 2022) showing a semi-truck driver in Pointe-Claire, Montreal commit a hit-and-run, squeezing in a helpless driver and their car in the inner turn lane.

Check out their video below.

Although they were not able to see this semi-truck’s license plates (the trucker simply didn’t have them, at least out back) several other Redditors shared helpful hints how to find and locate this responsible semi-truck driver, information worth tucking away for feature reference if need be.

According to /u/GBRKing, with the view of the trucking company (Bison Transport) easily visible in the dashcam video, given the time and place of the semi-truck, any cooperating trucking company will be able to place one of their employees at the scene of the accident.

“Contact Bison transport,” /u/GBRKing suggests. “Give them the time an dlocation, they should be able to figure out who did it. Either way, it is one of their trucks on video driving away from an accident. You can also contact the local state patrol to provide them with the video and they should be able to assist.

While many truck drivers are still owner-operators, 16 percent according to Booker Trans, most truckers (over 60 percent) are just employees of large trucking companies.

They don’t own the trucks they’re driving.

In order to be as efficient as possible and to keep track of their property and shipments, trucking companies track their trucks and trailers via GPS.

That’s why, in the unfortunate event you ever get hit by one or witness an accident by a company-truck, as mentioned, they’ll probably be able to locate the guilty party within the hour.

In the event you need to legitimately locate a particular semi and its driver, don’t even have their license plate, and time is of the essence, call the relevant emergency services (emergency or non-emergency) just to get the ball rolling and to have it on record…somewhere.

Then, when safe, jot down any and all identifying information about the truck and trailer. Many semi-trucking companies can later be ID’d by their unique livery.

Trucking companies like Knight and Swift have their names plastered on the trailers while others, like Schneider, are one solid color, in Schneider’s case, orange.

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Obviously, note where the accident and what time exactly.

If the truck driver is that minority of owner-operator, not attached to a particular company, they’ll be harder to locate.

If you’re wondering, the truck driver in /u/hootoohoot’s video eventually pulled over.

“They found the driver, he ended up pulling over. He did the right thing and all is well now.”

Also, if you need yet another video convincing you that you need a dashcam, here’s your sign.


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