The driver supposedly walked away

Car enthusiasts and drivers are once again soberly reminded to take it easy driving on regular, city streets, especially if it’s a car you’re not familiar with.

A shocking video is making the rounds showing what’s supposedly a low mileage, high-horsepower MK4 Toyota Supra going out for a test/joyride when the driver suddenly loses control flipping multiple times before crashing into a parked train car.

Check out a copy of the video below.

According to screenshots of a now deleted post on the Colorado Car Spotters Facebook group, the internet is pointing fingers at someone from Englewood, CO-based Bespoke Motorsports as the mechanic and driver responsible.

Bespoke Motorsports is just four miles from the scene of the crash.

Commenters are saying this particular Supra only had around 17,000 miles, and was heavily modified to the tune of 900 HP.

This Supra only had 17,000 miles. Photo Credit: Micheal Colm

The accident occurred near the intersection of South Santa Fe Dr. and West Union Road in Englewood (link to the exact place on Google Maps here.)

It’s not 100 percent clear why the mechanic crashed, but you can make out most of the story from the video.

You can see the Supra overtake a car getting ready to stop in the right-most turn lane. My best guess is the tires were not warm enough or up to the task to handle that much power at that time and, without traction, the Supra and driver lost control.

The Supra flips multiple times before crashing into a row of stopped train cars.

Best guesses out there say the Supra flipped between 5-7 times.

Witness drive-by video after the crash shows four police cars, one ambulance, and local Englewood fire responding to the scene.

It’s not clear if the driver is OK but, according to one Redditor, the driver apparently survived after getting ejected and thrown clear of the crash.

Totaled MK4 Supra

One thing’s for sure, it’s totaled.

I’ll update this blog post with more details as they become available.

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