This engine oil is made specially for fans of the Japanese street racing anime.

Are you a hard driver who, after thousands of miles of early morning deliveries and nighttime street racing, needs a motor oil they can trust? Takumi Motor Oil has the answer, it’s Full Synthetic Initial D Motor Oil.

I came across this one-of-a-kind motor oil thanks to a Facebook post from Pacific Coast Auto but, according to several other publications, Takumi Motor Oil announced this special collab back in 2021.

Takumi Motor Oils is a boutique engine oil company founded in 2012 under AKT Japan Co. LTD so, they’re fairly new to the engine oil market. Their big selling point is they’re a genuine “Made in Japan” company and maintains their oils are, “manufactured in a Japanese factory that has been ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified and at the same time obtained the latest API standard (American Petroleum Association Certified.)”

Legends Legacy 5W30 available in 5L or 20L containers.

TMO doesn’t mention what factory or parent company is making their oil, so, we’re going to have to take their word for it.

For us Americans, it’s like buying a NASCAR-themed motor oil from O’Reillys and finding out it’s actually made by Pennzoil, a fun themed motor oil where we can rest assured if we rev our engines up to redline, the motor oil is doing what it has to do (with the lubrication, cooling, and whatnot.)

This Initial D motor oil is officially called “Legends Legacy” and is a lineup of engine oils themed after the popular comic, “Initial D.”

Right now there are three grades, 5W30, 5W40, and 10W40 available in 1.3 gallon metal, rectangular jugs or 5.3 gallon buckets.


Converting to USD, they’re priced at $40 and $150 respectively.

For comparison, a similarly sized 1.3 gallon jug of Quaker State 5W30 on Amazon Japan would cost $30.

As mentioned, Legends Legacy is full synthetic.

Whereas you’d probably recycle the old jug of Quaker State, you’d probably wash out and display/collect the metal Initial D jug of oil.

A real big brain move for anyone reading this in Japan is to use the oil and then sell the empty container to us weebos in America via eBay for just as much, if not more, because, no, this oil isn’t available for sale in the United States….yet.

If this was available here, I can see myself buying this Intial D oil once, just for the novelty but, after that, it’s back to SuperTech for me.

For hardcore Initial D fans, I’d imagine it’d be pretty much the same, one and done.

Would you do an oil change with Initial D-themed engine oils? Do you think there’s much of a market for this JDM oil in the United States?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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