According to court records, McKaig spent time in jail and eventually was fined.

oss a thread and video titled, “Idiot going 106 to get to school and work.”

According to a press release from the Coon Valley Police Department as well as coverage by WEAU and the LaCrosse Tribune, the offending driver was identified as 35-year-old Amanda McKaig of Gays Mills.

McKaig was observed by other Vernon County residents traveling at high speeds through the cities of Viroquia, Westby, and ultimatly Coon Valley.

As the Reddit video and full video thanks to Code Blue Cam show, once McKaig drove into Coon Valley the arresting sheriff clocked her going 106 MPH in a 30 (70 MPH over the posted speed limit.)

The body cam footage of the McKaig’s arrest was not without drama, notably McKaig tried to start her Hyundai SUV in an attempt to presumably flee before the Coon Valley Sheriff stopped her from doing just that.

Coverage stopped about a week later where we learned McKaig was still in custody, having not posted bail, and was waiting her “day in court.”

So, what ever happened to McKaig?

Thanks to Wisconsin’s transparent and publically available court records, we know (click here to read all the court details for yourself.)

McKaig was arrested and booked on April 29 and, as I understand, finally had her bond hearing in which she was released from custody to await her trail on June 28.

McKaig essentially served two months in jail which counts towards timed served.

McKaig eventually had her day in court on seven months after her arrest on November 29, 2022 in which the following charges were laid out for her.

As you can see, three charges were dismissed and McKaig was ultimately found guilty of Resisting/Failing to stop, Resisting or obstructing an officer, and Speeding on a City Highway (between 1-10 MPH.)

Mckaig’s charges

McKaig was ordered to serve jail time for the first two charges, which, since she already served two months, ticked that off.

McKaig was also fined $384 of which, as of this blog post, she still has not made payments towards. Interestingly enough, literally anyone can make payments for her if anyone, for whatever reason, wanted to.

So McKaig stayed in jail for two months and has to pay a $384 fine on top of whatever her bail bond cost.


  1. Whoever the DA or judge was that dropped the Felony Charges needs to lose their liscense to practice law, like that woman deserved those felony charges and the punishment that went with them. She should have also had her liscense suspended…and at the end of the video she says she us a TEACHER…those credentials should be revoked as well. She does NOT need to be a role model in any childs life.

      • She hasn’t been a teacher for a while. No what’s even scarier is that per her LinkedIn, she is a Certified Peer Specialist (a professional who utilizes their personal lived experience to provide support to others and demonstrate that recovery is possible.”).

        She also worked at Solstice House in Madison, WI for over four years. “Peer-run respites are for people experiencing increased stress or symptoms related to mental health and substance use concerns who want support and encouragement from people who have experienced similar challenges. This support and encouragement is available through an overnight stay and by phone.”

        Her dream is to supposedly work with children.

        Her whole demeanor shows several ASPD characteristics. Which is fine, but she needs help herself.

    • She has severe mental health issues and at the time of arrest had been off her meds for 2 months. Possibly WHY they dropped the felony charges- they probably are legally forcing her to now be on her medication as she is a danger to those around her and herself when she doesnt.

      In my opinion anyways?

      • Great comment! I was thinking exactly that as well. However, I don’t understand why her speeding was reduced/dismissed/ignored. Plus wasn’t her kid in the car? Is it part of “Count 1” and I just can’t see it? Anyway, I hope she is forced to take her meds, clearly she needs them. She could be the most polite and kindest person you’ve ever met when she is on her meds. ????????‍♀️????????

    • People people your all acting crazy!! Did any of you notice that she is a Caucasian female??? You can’t put them in jail for felonious behavior.. If they get caught it is required they only serve a small portion of what a male will be sentenced for if any at all. Seriously, what are you thinking ????

  2. They should have thrown the book at her. She deserved the maximum, and received the minimum. She’ll do it again, and probably kill someone. Bleeding heart liberals cause this


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