While it’s not the recommended engine removal method, it’s kind of impressive?

r mechanic is getting a lot of attention on social media for his videos showing him grabbing entire engines with his bare hands and lifting them out of their engine bays using brute strength (no special cranes, lifts, or hoists needed.)

Check out the video that got a lot of people’s attention below.


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Ogodiema makes it look easy and, since four-cylinder engines are inherently smaller than V6 or V8 engines (obviously) you might think they don’t weigh that much at all.

Such is not the case. Ogodiema’s lifting a 2AZ Toyota engine, short and long block included. A quick search shows that these 2AZ’s weight between 240-275 lbs or as much as a full-grown, overweight adult man. It weighs a lot!

Ogodiema is essentially deadlifting all that weight which, on paper, is quite impressive but not all that uncommon, especially if you lift weights regularly.

It’s not uncommon for decent weightlifters to deadlift between 2-3 times their bodyweight, no problem.

Guesstimating, Ogodiema weighs between 130-150 pounds so, while super impressive to see, lifting an entire engine out like that, it’s not Guinness Book of World Records amazing.

Then again, Ogodiema looks to be in excellent shape, just take a look at these bare-chested selfies on Instagram. Ogodiema’s either putting in decent work at the gym or he’s just naturally strong after years of hard work.

People literally all over the world are taking notice.

Texas-based car mechanic and coincidentally, also a weightlifter, Luis Cisneros, who goes by @Username_af on all the socials, was tagged on Ogodiema’s video and couldn’t not challenge himself to a little deadlift comparo.

Cisneros uploaded a video of himself essentially doing what Ogodiema did, deadlifting a Toyota 2AZ four-cylinder.

Check out that video below.

As you can see, Cisneros seriously struggled the first time before eventually pulling off the tough challenge after a bit of a breather.

As most of the comments on Ogodiema’s video and, to an extent, Cisneros’s video say, this is not the recommended way to lift an engine out.

For one, Ogodiema is not using his leg strength, at all, and is putting a major strain on his arms and back to do all the lifting. The human body was not meant to lift that much weight, especially if you’re lifting from your back.

Ideally, you’ll want to use an engine hoist, crane, or some system of hydraulics and pulleys to lift an engine out from the top. I’ve also seen shade-tree mechanics affix a bar across the engine and getting a friend on either side of the bar to lift out an engine with you. Many hands make light work and all that.

Hopefully Ogodiema invests in an engine hoist and, if money is an issue, some kind folks donate an engine hoist his way.

Heck, if I find a GoFundMe or some crowdfunded effort for Ogodiema, I’ll gladly donate.

He seems like a hardworking man and, while his engine lifting feats are impressive, I want him to be able to wrench on cars (or whatever else he wants to do) for as long as possible, pain free.


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