“He must be a biker,” BMWBRO captioned his video.

Scrolling Youtube earlier this week and I came across a BMWBRO short showing a Houston police officer being an awesome human being by letting BMWBRO, a biker, through stopped traffic because why not?

Check out the short and the entire video for yourself below.


According to BMWBRO’s caption it appears an accident happened on I-45 (Gulf Freeway) around the time the video was published (Dec 28,2022) involving six cars resulting in one of the cars rolling over.

Click here to see the exact location on Google Maps.

The accident was bad enough that police had to shut down the freeway.

Much to the annoyance of some drivers, like the dude in the Dodge Ram 1500 at around 7:38 in the full length video, BMWBRO makes his way to the front of the accident.

Dude tried to block him in?

With a tow truck waiting and no vehicles moving, it looks like police and emergency services are deep into providing help, documenting the accident, and taking witness statements.

In other words, for those stuck in traffic, it’s going to be a while, at least an hour or more, before traffic gets moving again.

That’s when one Houston Police officer, seeing BMWBRO patiently waiting, singles him out, pulls him aside, and allows him to slowly move through the scene of the accident and to the other side, much to the chagrin of that driver in the Ram 1500 who tried to block him a few minutes earlier.

Accidents are always an unfortunate situation that requires providing assistance and documenting the area by the books.

That police officer could’ve let BMWBRO just sit there, like everyone else.

Instead, he makes a judgement call, decides to make at least one person’s day, and lets him through, no harm no foul.

“You can tell the cop is one of those younger newer guys who really want to change peoples view on the police force and I think it’s admirable,” Siphens comments.

“i am a police officer AND a rider, and this is what I always try to do when we have a situation with a closed road or something similar. I know first hand how uncomfortable it is to sit on your bike, either freezing in the winter or boiling in your suit in the summer, so it’s a no-brainer for me to try to help a fellow rider,” Dimos K replies.

I agree with the majority of the comments, it was definitely the right thing to do in the situation.

What do you think?

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