The Orange County Sherrif’s department eventually caught up to and arrested the driver on the 5.

33-year-old Aria Alexandria Martin is sitting in an Orange County Jail awaiting her next court date after she was arrested earlier yesterday (Feb 10, 2023) fleeing her parking lot rampage in Mission Viejo, CA that saw Martin crash into up to 11 cars on purpose.

Witnesses filmed the afternoon destruction derby.

Check out Martin crashing into cars, captured by a witness whose video went viral on TikTok below.

@makaylah0yt soooo this happened at work today. I’m so glad I parked in the back…. this video was from another guy who worked in our building. She ended up getting on the freeway after this and they shut down the freeway. I think she got arrested but I’m not sure. #missionviejo #orangecounty #hitandrun ♬ original sound – kay

Martin’s series of crashes happened in the 24000 block of Chrisanta Dr (Google Maps link here.) Street view and an overhead shot thanks to Google Maps shows the parking lot is in front ofChrisanta Courtyard, a business center that currently leases to the Fenelli Law Firm, Laguna Beach Legal Document & Mediation Services and the AbleLight Regional Office.

The office parking lot of Chrisanta Courtyard where Aria Martin had her parking lot rampage.

Martin is driving a black Nissan Rogue with license plate 7NLU557.

The witness video above starts out with Martin in her Rogue just about to hit another car. The front of her Rogue is already ripped off, presumably after slamming into a car moments before.

“This lady just hit us,” the witness says. “She hit the van. Ohh, look at her.”

Witnesses try to confront Martin, some even using their bodies to protect their cars.

A witness uses her body to protect Martin from crashing into her Honda Accord. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect.
A man tries in vain to get Martin to unlock her door.

CBS News spoke to one of Martin’s victim’s who had this to say.

“I did not think she was going to hit me, honestly. I thought by standing there that was going to deter her,” said Suha Sleibi, the victim. “Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and she came charging at me.” 

Martin tried to flee on the 5 Freeway before she was stopped by the OC Sheriff’s department and the California Highway Patrol.

CBS’s report goes on to say Martin is accused of DUI involving drugs, felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony vandalism.

Her publically available inmate records show she’s being held with a $25,000 bail with her next court date scheduled Feb 14, 2023.

Aria Alexandria Martin’s booking information.



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