Super Bowl MVPs have been getting cars for decades, but here’s why Patrick Mahomes probably won’t get a car this year.

Every year, moments after the Super Bowl MVP gets their trophy, NFL fans across the world wonder if a car manufacturer rep will step up to say a few words before rewarding the big game’s star player with a set of keys to a brand new car (or truck or SUV) parked just off camera.

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Unfortunately, as has been the case since 2015 when then Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady accepted and re-gifted his 2015 Chevrolet Colorado from GM to fan favorite and arguably real MVP of the game, Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, no MVP has gotten a free car since.

You can blame Hyundai for not picking up where GM left off as, although they took the reins as Official Car of the NFL from 2016-2019, none of those years Super Bowl MVP winners got so much as a discount on a new Sonata.

From 2020 till today, there hasn’t been an official car of the NFL.

In fact, the only things vaguely resembling that title is Official Truck of the NFL which, up until recently, was a sponsorship title Ford and their F-150 baked into their annual budget, that is until this season where we saw GMC and their Sierra and Canyon take over.

Then, there’s also Toyota sponsoring Sunday Night Football’s halftime report since 2006.

As you can already guess, the truth is it’s just not worth it for car company’s to spend millions of dollars, not to mention the cost of the car itself, to secure a Super Bowl MVP car giveaway sponsorship if it’s not bringing any type of measurable return.

That’s why GM dropped out as sponsor, Hyundai didn’t carry on the tradition, and, with the sponsorship door wide open, no one’s taken over from where GM did since.

So, long answer short, no, Super Bowl LVII MVP Patrick Mahomes will not get a free car, a tradition that will carry on to Super Bowl LVIII MVP, Super Bowl LVIX MVP, and so on and so forth

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And, like every Super Bowl, I’ll continue to remind NFL fans of the ending of that tradition that ended in 2015.


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