“I’m hopefully going to get video of her getting arrested!” the victim said in an update.

Rochester, New York resident Joelle DeVincentis couldn’t believe her eyes when she filmed her next-door neighbor, upset that DeVincentis parked in front of her house (probably more than once,) plow into her own personal vehicle, pushing it several yards into the middle of the road.

Check out her TikTok videos going viral below.

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According to DeVincentis’s personal Instagram it appears this incident happened earlier this month on February 7, 2023 and, presumably, since that Instagram post did not get enough traction, she posted it up to TikTok two weeks later.

“This is my next door neighbor hitting my car to push it out of the way,” DeVincentis says.

“You’re insane, lady. Hey guess what. You’re insane lady, what is wrong with you?”

The neighbor can be seen exiting the car with a shovel in her hands.

“I talked to your family three times and asked them, I don’t want the car in front of my house.” the crazy neighbor from hell replies.

In an update posted by DeVincentis earlier today, she provided some context about how this all started and where it’s headed.

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It’s a little hard to understand, but it looks like DeVincentis moved her car in response to a ticket she received she believes was called in by her neighbor.

“I had my car parked at the end of my driveway, and it was covering the end of my driveway a little bit, so she called the police, got my car ticketed, so when I moved my car up a few feet so that it was legal, but still in front of her house…”

DeVincentis admits she likes parking in front of her neighbor’s house because it has a streetlight.

Later that day she peeked out her window and saw her car had somehow moved closer to her house, and she didn’t know how it happened.

“I went back in my house after moving my car and I look out the window and my car was in front of my house? I honestly had no idea, I gave her (my neighbor) the benefit of the doubt and thought I had moved it.”

Unbeknownst to her, her neighbor used her vehicle to literally push her car out of the way.

“…which is exactly the moment that you see and hear when she comes out to move my car.”

“The police have been called. Lawyers have been called, and I’m going to give you an update…hopefully you’ll get to see her…you know…we’re not going to talk about it…I’m hopefully going to get video of her getting arrested later tonight…so stay tuned.”

First, what that crazy neighbor did is 100 percent illegal, technically a hit-and-run if she drove off, and DeVincentis should pursue legal action ASAP.

Then there’s the issue of her parking in front of someone’s house that’s not hers.

Contrary to popular belief, no one can claim ownership to a parking spot on a public street, even if it’s in front of your own house.

According to Attorney Brian Farkas on the matter,

“Generally speaking, an individual citizen has no “ownership” rights to a parking space on a public street. These spaces are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, even if people come to believe that a spot in front of their house is theirs.”

Farkas does admit there are exceptions like certain HOA rules or, off the top of my head, exceptions from the city if, for example, you use a wheelchair, and it’s a matter of safety.

Posting on TikTok and going viral might’ve opened a can of worms, depending on which side you’re on, because TikTok users are out for blood, which is par for the course for the popular app.

Many are asking for an update.

“UPDATE PLEASE!! She cannot tell you where to park! She certainly doesn’t have the right to FORCIBLY MOVE your car,” @CheryHaney0 comments (which happens to be the top comment btw)

“Not me pausing and trying to zoom in on that work badge,” @Auntie_ray_ray comments

As of this blog post, there are 21 replies with over a dozen plausible answers where the woman works.

“Logo looks to be Blue Cross Blue Shield, NY plates, could be Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield in Rochester, NY, @ZackbackZack replies.

“You’d see the district name on top in big letters and a picture in the middle. That’s not a teacher’s badge,” Robosasaurus93 replies.

TikTokers are trying to ID who this woman is and where she works.

I, like all these other TikTokers, hope this lady gets some sort of justice because what her neighbor did was simply unjustified no matter far DeVincentis might’ve taken her parking in front of a house that’s not hers habit.


  1. Only in the Roc…bet she gets an appearance ticket, pay for your car, surcharges and fines…no jail time and that looks like a Rcsd badge…she could lose her job if you find out…she said you won’t park underneath her light Caroline ?

  2. Makes sense to me because I worked Psychiatric for 25 years. Some people become delusional and lose touch with reality. I think the car pusher needs to be evaluated after she puts the shovel down.


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