Hey lady, you can’t park there!

Redditor /u/16shells submitted a photo he took to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit earlier yesterday (Feb 23, 2023) showing a Tesla Model Y driver get stuck on a raised lane divider, essentially high-centered, entering this Tim Hortons in Surrey, British Columbia.

Check out the photo of her waiting for help below.

high and dry at tim hortons
by u/16Shells in IdiotsInCars

I mean, her face says it all, right?

Waiting for CAA.

The mishap happened just off 96th Avenue entering the Tim Hortons at 9595 King George Blvd, exact location on Google Maps linked here.

“Found in the wild while going to get coffee, OP comments. Both front wheels are totally off the ground, stuck on a raised wedge that separates incoming and outgoing cars. Not sure how they got there, the bump at the back seems too high to drive over.”

“And she caught me taking the pic, lol.”

While a handful of Redditors were confused how this happened, from a birds-eye view and the way she got stuck it’s clear she entered this Tim Hortons with a little too wide of a turn.

That, or she backed into the divider on accident.

Her mistake is understandable given that most driveway don’t have a raised lane divider (aka a gore point) but, then again, this lane divider’s been there since at least October 2007 (as evidenced by this Google Maps shot linked here) and probably was there several years before that.

The lane divider is also painted bright yellow with a reflective sign sticking out the middle (now under her Tesla) to make it even harder to miss.

You really have to not be paying attention to hit it.

One has to wonder if this is Auto Pilot’s fault, as their ultrasonic sensors often pop up in the news for misinterpreting objects or, in the case of child-shaped mannequins, disregarding obstacles altogether.

Regardless, this Tim Hortons customer will make a tighter turn the next time she gets her morning coffee.


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