Just a mist of rain, and SoCal drivers forget how to drive.

Advanced traction control and $1000 worth of tires proved worthless to this BMW M3 competition driver as Redditor /u/CofiBot shared a video he shot earlier this weekend (Feb 25,2023) to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing said driver in his $80,000 German Uber machine losing control on a lightly damp road in Palmdale, California.

Not only does this M3 competition driver lose control, he takes out an entire light pole, too!

The Reddit thread is linked here with the original video embedded below.

The accident happened on Rancho Vista Blvd. close to Whole Foods Market shortly after the BMW exited the Courtyard by Marriott driveway off of Country Club Rd, exact location on Google Maps linked here.

It’s not clear why this BMW gave it a shoe-full of accelerator coming out of a shopping center (as the original video was taken from a local Antelope Valley scanner page) but my best guess was a local Cars and Coffee type meet.

This particular BMW literally has over 500 HP (503 to be exact) with most of that power sent to the rear wheels. Since this is sunny California, I doubt the owner’s switched out his tires to something less aggressive, which means this one probably has the stock Pirelli P-Zeros (ultra-high performance summer tires) on all four corners.

As the video hints at, California’s been inundated with a storm system most of last week and into this week, which means wet roads.

It’s stereotypical to say Californians don’t know how to drive when it rains but, with so few rain days, they really don’t!

This BMW driver gives it gas-gas-gas and doesn’t let off the throttle.

When he does, it’s already too late, they have no traction and all that braking is futile, your car pointed in the wrong direction, a light pole in their immediate future.

The driver is reportedly A-OK, coming out of the accident with no injuries.

Here’s what that BMW looked like shortly after. It’s a write-off assuming the driver is insured.

Photo Credit: Kent Steffes

Palmdale residents say this driver’s been a hoon for a minute.

“I seen that car around driving like a moron,” Patrick Daly commented. “…at least it’s off the road now.”

“I’ve seen this jacka** puiled over before for speeding,” Arnold Arias also commented. “Glad it was solo as he drives like an idiot on Ranch Vista.”

When will Californians learn to take it easy in the rain?

Probably never.

As such, we’ll have a steady supply of these types of videos for our entertainment.


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