The dashcam owner reports the driver was arrested and walked away in cuffs shortly after.

Redditor /u/squirrel_rider posted up dashcam footage earlier yesterday (Mar 20, 2023) showing a supposed drunk driver in Portland, OR fail to make a turn at a T-intersection causing the drunk driver to drive through a construction fence almost inadvertently harming a family out for a night stroll.

Check out his their dashcam video below.

The accident happened at the intersection of NE 82nd Ave & NE Lombard St (exact place on Google maps linked here.)

As the dashcam video shows, /u/squirrel_rider is driving behind the alleged drunk driver, all lanes given the green light to turn right or left.

The drunk driver does not process that this is a t-intersection and not a regular intersection and literally plows through driving over the sidewalk, through the construction fence, and down the embankment on the other side.

As OP approaches where the driver went off, his lights shine on a young family pushing a stroller, the mom clutching a toddler and a baby in the stroller.

It would’ve been certain disaster if that family had walked just a little faster or left for their nighttime walk a few seconds earlier.

If you zoom-in on the street view of the area you’ll see fortunately the driver didn’t drive off some steep embankment but instead drove into a relatively shallow, dug-out part of some commercial-zoned construction.

“He got walked off in cuffs,” /u/squirrel_rider captioned his video

While it’s obvious it’s the drunk driver’s fault, at least one Redditor thinks the removal of previously grown trees might’ve contributed to the accident.

“It looks like when the property owner cleared out that copse of trees it eliminated visual cues that might have reduced the likelihood of this kind of crash. Yes, there are signs indicating turn only, but when you look at the fence in Google’s streetview history you see that it stayed intact until they cleared the trees, and it’s been mowed down a few times since. I suspect the owner or city will end up having to install a barrier,” /u/noncongruent commented.

Here’s the street view of the area years prior, with said trees.

NE 82nd Ave & NE Lombard St

This demonstrates that even when you’re walking along safely on a designated sidewalk, you still have to be aware and vigilant of traffic happening around you.


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