You won’t believe the triple-digit speeds Cena (kind of) casually admits to hitting in Honda’s hottest hot hatch.

What does a WWE Champion turned Hollywood movie star John Cena drive when he has to make an errand around town? A Honda, believe it or not.

Cena was recently on Andrew Santino’s Whiskey and Ginger podcast and told Santino that his daily driver is a Honda Civic Type R.

Here’s the bit from his podcast below.

Prior to segueing into what his daily driver was, Cena was telling Santino, despite its halo status, what a pain it was owning and driving an ’80s era Lamborghini Countach actually is.

“They’re (a Countach) a little bit rough around the edges,” Cena says. “The clutch is a dog fight, and it’s really tough to get those things running right like they’re always in the shop. It’ls always leaking some sort of fluid.”

Contrast that to the affordable yet modern Honda Civic Type R.

“My daily driver is a Civic Type R,”Cena says. “It’s got tech, it’s manual, reliable….”

A Honda, naturally, is right up Cena’s wheelhouse. After all, Honda did partner with Cena as voice over for some of their most recent commercials.

And if CivicX user member MidLifeCrisis’s post from May, 2021 is to be believed, Cena apparently picked up this 2021 Honda Civic Type R in Boost Blue (embedded below) from Wesley Chapel Honda in Tampa, FL (which happens to be the whereabouts where Cena reportedly lives.)

This is reportedly John Cena’s Honda Civic Type R.

Cena, as mentioned, kind of admitted to how fast he can, and has, taken his Civic Type R.

“…at 145 MPH it’s stable.”

But, speed isn’t the reason he likes the Civic Type R.

“It’s got seats in the back. I can actually pick people up (in it.) If you’ve got a purse in a Countach, you’re screwed.”

So, if you’re ever in the Tampa area, keep your eyes peeled if you see a Honda Civic Type R in Boost Blue, you just might see Cena behind the wheel, or not since (obligatory,) “You can’t see me.”


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