The fight apparently took place between the Sales Manager and the General Sales Manager.

Update 4/14- Clearer witness video added
Update 4/17- Police statement added

A video of smartphone footage shared by Facebook user Ebereto Chan went viral showing a fight break out among the staff of Envision Toyota of Milpitas.

Since Chan’s video and this blog post being published, Bay Area resident Ange, who goes by @l0veleahh on Twitter, commented on my post that she has a much clearer video since she was ACTUALLY THERE when it all went down.

Ange’s video can be found on Twitter (Twitter link here.)

And Chan’s video is on Facebook (linked here.)

When I first reported about this incident, based on the footage alone, it was hard to make out what exactly happened.

Thanks to Ange’s video, we have a clearer picture.

“This was actually the second fight,” Ange captions her video.

We can clearly see the video start off with what looks like a chair being thrown at someone (tall, middle eastern-looking guy?) already fighting with another presumed salesperson.

The taller salesperson looks like he lands a punch and knocks the shorter salesperson to the ground. Already angry, he then begins to lay haymakers into his colleague.

He’s clearly seeing red.

Thankfully, the other salespeople separate the fighting parties from each other.

In the background, we can see and hear what looks like someone who is in charge of the floor actually calling 911.

“I’m telling you guys (get?) out of my office. I’m going to call 911 and you’re all going to jail.”

“I just called the police, if you want to go to jail (you can go?) or (you) can LEAVE the lot right now.”

As to what started the fight, your guess is as good as mine.

Seeing how the majority of the salespeople on the floor are men and how notoriously toxic the work environment at a large car dealership can be, honestly, it could be something trifling that could’ve set these men off.

“As someone that worked at a dealership back in the day, I can’t tell you how many times fights almost broke out!” commented Jeremy Gomez “Dealerships by their nature are toxic AF workplaces. Everyone is out to screw each other over just as much as they do their customers. Honestly surprised we don’t see more of these videos “

“At Toyota of Milpitas, we fight to get you the best deal,” William Shon hilariously replied.

Ange does say the salespeople and management that didn’t leave and were still there eventually held some sort of meeting.

And in a statement obtained by The Autopian, Milpitas police confirm an investigation is underway.

“There was a call about a fight. It was between some employees that work [at the dealership].” By the time police had arrived, some parties had already left, so officers are now “contacting people and conducting their investigation.” 

If these two are really sales managers, they should never fight among themselves publically and should instead be setting an example for their team.

Regardless, conflict in the workplace, especially in a cut-throat environment like car sales, is unavoidable.

There’s a million pieces of advice on workplace conflict out there, and I’m sure none of them say to resort to throwing hands.

Hopefully, these salespeople work it out like gentlemen, don’t lose their jobs, and get back to selling cars.

They’re Toyotas, they practically sell themselves.


  1. Disgraceful! This is why I always buy my cars from HONDA!! they only fight ” mentally ” to get you the BEST deal! I just bought a new 2022 Honda Accord from Honda of San Jose got it for $25,655!! Total!!! Orig price was $34K!! NO FIGHTING just happy salespeople!! They keep em happy with lots of Donuts!! BUY HONDA!! NO FIGHTING just great Cars n deals!!!!

  2. No wonder cars are so expensive. There are enough people on the sales floor to start a small riot. With idea that a fight will fix things gives insight into ethics and intelligence of the agency. The agency is the guiding force.
    Be right or be wrong at the top of your voice.

  3. There is men there that are NOT fighting and depend on this location for their job, livelyhood and to feed their FAMILIES. They should not have to suffer the repercussions of social sabotage just because we wanna exploit and make of this fight! Funny until 6yr old Timmy starve because dad’s company got demoted. Come on yall…

  4. Pretty Ghetto and very embarrassing if you ask me, if I was grading them on their work performance I’d give them a big ‘F’ for Failure!! They’re line of work is Sales and Customer Service they FAILED.., and their lack of Professionalism sould’ve earned them a POSITION BACK AT A USED CAR LOT SELLING LEMONS…..???? ????????????????????????
    ???? You’re welcome

  5. I have a super clear video of what happened from chair being thrown to someone and a minute after. Let me know if interested to repost on here.

  6. With this video out, Toyotas sales would skyrocket. An excellent example of how they fight to beat the competition. These 2 should be promoted and their pictures displayed at the entry. With the slogan ‘ We fight for our customers and so does our work culture

  7. Honestly? Clickbait on the word “epic”. That was a couple swings on a downed opponent. They should have all cheered them on like they do when they sell a new car. Now that would have been epic

  8. All that engineering history reputation for these products it’s gets sold by ignorant thug punks like selling a chicken in a Pakistani bazaar

  9. WOW! This would NEVER happen at All Credit Auto Sales! We are a family oriented pre-owned, non-commission based dealership in San Jose! If you need some help purchasing a new vehicle or want to trade yours in we carry a GREAT selection of pre-owned Toyotas, we even have 2022s! Read our reviews to see why we are the best dealership! Give us a call or come by today! Call or text 408.630.1111 #10 Keyes St. San Jose CA 95112

  10. Let’s hope neither one of them return to the dealership with a weapon! These kinds of fight are no longer funny nowadays.

  11. The only thing worse than the video is this writing. What an atrocity of an article. What kind of loser tries to ruin people in the video who aren’t fighting by posting their employee page on their website to help identify them? Yikes!!

  12. The owner should be responsible. Wht a spectacular group of people. You get what you pay for. You guys have no shame. This is what this group strives for. You guys are a shame… your owner is worthless. ..

  13. Of course clowns like you want to tarnish that dealerships name because of a mishap between two human beings. Pathetic weasels

  14. Been at that dealership those guy there will low ball you and will b.s. to make a sale. Had to buy vehicle somewhere else cause they treat customers like crap. Will never refer anyone to biy cars there period.

  15. I bought my 2010 prius from them a long time ago. However, the only fighting at the time was for the fresh donuts in the morning…

  16. This isn’t a fight it’s two losers hugging each other. This country is almost nothing but panty waist nancy boys. Next time through a dam punch

    • Chris!

      Long time, bud. Yeah you definitely know how to throw a punch. Seen you at the company holiday party and you definitely threw the bowl of fruit punch. I was definitely scared, tough guy.


  17. This NEVER wouldn’t happened at a Tesla dealership. And one of the main reasons why is because technically they don’t have any. ????????‍♂️


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