The driver apparently didn’t see the two large Do Not Enter/Wrong Way signs at the end of the exit.

If you need a good example of just how bad LA drivers can be, Redditor /u/zinnoberrot’s got a good one. /u/Zinnoberrot posted up a video last week showing a driver in an early 2000s BMW X7 who they claim went down the Santa Monica Boulevard exit off the 101 in East Hollywood going the wrong way.

Instead of flipping a U-turn to go in the right direction, the BMW driver decides to flip a 180-degree turn off the off-ramp into traffic on the 101.

Check out OP’s video below.

The incident occurred at the Santa Monica Blvd exit (exit 7) in the heart of Los Angeles, California (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

If you look at the end of Exit 7 on Google Maps (linked here) the BMW driver could’ve entered the exit one of three ways: going straight from N. Serrano Ave or making a left or right turn from Santa Monica Blvd.

My guess is this driver took a right as, unless you’re willfully ignorant, it’s hard to miss the Do Not Enter Wrong Way signs on either side of the exit.

“Just so I fully understand,” another Redditor commented, “…are you saying he came down that really crowded off-ramp? Were people just swerving out of the way?

“Correct,” OP replied.

If it wasn’t even more apparent this driver should have their license revoked, instead of pulling off a three point turn to, at least, point in the right direction when forcing their merge, as one Redditor commented, “…They just back up a bit and suddenly think something has changed.”

Oh, and there’s this big ol’ dent on the back, too. Did they back into something? Regardless, a red flag to stay away from this person on the road.

A big ol’ dent is a big red flag imo.

According to the Shouse Injury Law Group driving on the wrong side of the road is charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on if there are any injuries or deaths.

Seeing as this clueless driver didn’t cause an accident, if caught and charged, they’d face a maximum of up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000, not to mention two points on their driving record.

If traffic was moving any faster or people were exiting at freeway speeds, this could’ve ended up a lot worse.

Thankfully, other drivers had the presence of mind to dodge this b***h.


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