Is this the end of Hoovie’s Garage on Youtube?

Earlier this week (Apr 5, 2023) Tyler Hoover of Hoovie’s Garage posted up a video titled “Selling my collection with Doug DeMuro as I begin saying goodbye to Hoovie’s Garage.”

Here’s the video below.

Naturally, fans of Hoovie’s Garage were seriously concerned since this sounds like the beginning of the end for the Youtube channel. Rumors also ran amok on his video, and social media that Hoover, who, if you didn’t know, is currently married (and even has two kids,) might be in the middle of a divorce.

Here’s what we know.

Prior to this video, Hoover’s been on a whirlwind of selling cars in what he calls purges. Hoover’s been through purges before as, although he’s constantly buying and selling cars, he only ever keeps between 15-20 in his fleet at any one time. It’s the constant carousel of unique and uncommon cars that brings in views to his channel.

However, Hoover’s latest purge of cars was described as sad.

Here’s a screenshot of how Hoover described his last 20 car sales.

“Another car gone (will be about 20 total in this latest sad purge.”

But, why so sad?

In his latest video posted above, Hoover drops even more information.

The first 3/4ths of the video shows Hoover and fellow friend and car Youtuber Doug DeMuro collaborating, Hoover selling three cars to DeMuro through Cars and Bids in exchange for DeMuro’s “star power” and social media (DeMuro will make three separate videos and personalized listings for each car) to hopefully cast a wider net that will secure higher winning bids.

In the last quarter of the video, back in his home state of Kansas, Hoover describes how,

“…I won’t have this garage for too much longer. I’m gonna have to move the lift and go film somewhere else here in the near future so, obviously, I don’t have as much space for cars as well…I do need to sell a few more (cars) to get over the finish line.”

They say not to mix your work life with your home life but, like a lot of Youtubers with new money, it’s hard not to, as it’s often the case with a car Youtubers, like Hoover, who literally built a gigantic garage at his Kansas McMansion (not my words)

So, we know Hoover’s moving, will need to find a space to film, and needs to sell cars rather than wants to sell cars, but, why?

As mentioned, the latest circulating rumor points to divorce between Hoover and Quynh Anh, his wife of four years.

If true, according to Marital Laws in regard to Kansas, each party in the divorce is entitled to a portion of the marital property. While marital property obviously means houses, it also means cars. That means if Hoover is really getting a divorce, Quynh Anh is entitled to a portion of his fleet. To make it easier, perhaps they agreed on selling the cars and handing over the proceeds, rather than Quynh Anh inheriting a bunch of cars she doesn’t want.

Corroborating this rumor is the fact that Hoover’s not been wearing his wedding band in his latest videos, whereas he was in previous ones.

Notice how he has his wedding band on his left hand above and there is no wedding band on either hand below.

Hoover actually addressed the rumors and the video in the Hoovie’s Garage HooptiePosting Facebook group in so many words. This is what he said.

“Not quitting YouTube, but needing a fresh start personally.”

This is a bitter-sweet reply as we now know Hoover won’t be quitting his channel but instead will probably take a step back for the time being as he deals with personal issues.

How much Hoover takes us along for the ride, if he’ll post about him finding a new place and the trials and tribulations that go along with that, has yet to be seen.

Looking over his channel, Hoover’s pretty transparent with his fans and will probably document his journey.

Until then, expect Hoover to sell even more cars in the near future and don’t be surprised if he doesn’t post as much as he used to, at least for the time being.


  1. I hope that whatever is challenging him, at this time, through it, he is able to remain healthy and strong. I like his show and YouTube stuff and he seems like a great guy. Stay strong and keep your spirit strong. Having good thoughts for you.

  2. That’s what you get for your ******* **** ***** ***** …. should not have been thinking with his ****** . She knew EXACTLY what she was doing the second she met him …. **** ….

  3. Hmmm, his wife is a chemical engineer, probably pulling down 6 figures a year herself.
    Probably not a money based divorce. His second divorce. Prenups for all next time.

    • He said she was a pharmacist who worked in a hospital . So she made a good bit of money but still not a chemical engineer .

  4. Tyler Hoover is a hugely talented young man. He is extremely passionate about cars and radiates an authenticity and warmth that makes his channel a joy to watch. He’s also a rainmaker with his reach providing lots of business to other vendors and youtube creators.

    Whatever might be affecting Tyler Hoover and his family, we owe him our understanding and empathy during a difficult personal period. Let’s all pull for him and help him in whatever ways present themselves. Tyler, hang in there!

  5. […] Though the video only included details about the cars Tyler was selling with the help of famous YouTuber and automotive dealer Doug DeMuro, the unsettling word in the video’s title led his fans to think that he might be retiring from YouTube. That wasn’t the case though, as Tyler wrote ‘not quitting YouTube, but needing a fresh start personally’ in a group post on Facebook. […]


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