If you’re wondering if GM is still enforcing its domestic only lots, you better believe it.

Even if you don’t know General Motors facilities have parking lots reserved specifically for GM, Ford, Dodge, and other obviously American brands, if you attempt to park any type of “foreign” cars in said lots, you’re going to find out quick.

A 2014 Honda Fit owner recently parked at one of these infamous Domestic Only lots at GM’s Wentzville Assembly plant in Wentzville, MO, either unknowingly or on purpose, and came back to his car with a bright yellow ticket under his wiper.

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On it was Parking Violation 10176 placed by the plant’s parking authority. The Fit owner was cited for 1) Parked in a RESERVED or DESIGNATED space/area and for PK (Parking) in (a) Domestic Only lt.

Check out a photo of the ticket shared by Super Autoquirk Dougposting Facebook member Nick Parris below.

“You might get a parking ticket from GM for parking in the domestic only lot with a foreign car,” Parris’s caption reads.

Here’s a screenshot of street view in front of their Wentzville plant.

Domestic only/UAW-built parking lots are nothing new and have been a thing for several decades. That domestic only lot was probably there since Day 1 when the plant opened in 1983.

It should be noted that foreign cars aren’t outright banned, they just can’t park near the front. Foreign cars are given their own lots to park at, far from view of the road next to the plant.

Why do UAW owned parking lots do this?

Simply put, it’s a private parking lot and their lot, their rules.

You don’t like it, you’re free to park elsewhere.

More specifically, your guess is as good as mine, but the UAW probably does this because, well, it’s in their name, “United Auto Workers.”

I’m sure if you anonymously asked any one worker, or even management, off the record, if it really matters to have domestic lots only, most would say, no, as long as the paycheck is good.

But, put that same person in front of a camera and on the record, 100 percent will say Domestic Lots-only are good and necessary.

While you can arguably still be “United” if your fellow co-workers, and the handful of visitors that walk in everyday drive a Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, or KIA, why not add a bit of solidarity and pride up front, parking American-made up front?

And it’s not just foreign cars, too.

Two years ago in 2021 I reported that a Tesla got a similar, if not the same, ticket.

However outdated and antiquated you think this parking practice is, as long as the UAW is still a thing, Domestic-only lots are here to stay, the guards defending those spots against all enemy cars, foreign, but not domestic.


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