What looks like smartphone footage shows a group of lifted trucks literally forcing Chelsea Clinton’s campaign bus off a cliff.

Disturbing footage is making its rounds on social media showing what looks like a bunch of lifted trucks, swerving back and forth, forcing a campaign bus with Chelsea Clinton graphics off an oceanside road?

Is this footage for real and, if so, is whoever’s in that bus OK?

As the video shows, it originated from TikTok via @LosSantosTruthSeekerLive.

Here’s everything we know.

The Twitter video is linked here, with the original video posted below.

The video shows several lifted trucks boxing in a Chelsea Clinton campaign bus, harassing its driver and rolling coal at its passengers.

Most of the trucks are waving dual Trump 2024 flags ala freedom convoy.

Embed from Getty Images

A shocked witness filming with her smartphone, following the chaos from close behind, can be heard in the video.

“Oh, s***, look at that. Oh my God, what are they doing?, the witness can be heard saying.

“I can’t believe what I’m witnessing. They’re coming for Chelsea. What is wrong with these people? I’m witnessing an attack on our democracy.”

With nowhere to go, one driver in a lifted black truck does the unthinkable and uses his truck to ram the Clinton bus off the side of the cliff.

We see the Clinton bus nosedive out of frame.

“I didn’t think it’d be me to see this. Oh my God, they’re going to ram it off the road. OMG, they’re ramming it off the road. Holy s***, OMG, they rammed it off the road. OMG. Chelsea!”

On TikTok, LSTSL’s video’s already gone semi-viral, racking up over 350,000 views and close to 1,000 comments in just two days.

And if the TikTok username, physics of the vehicles, the original video’s caption, and overall absurdity of it all didn’t clue you in that this might be fake, you can breathe easy because it is.

The footage appears to come from someone with a little too much time on their hands playing Grand Theft Auto V, better known as just GTA V or Grand Theft Auto Online.

GOH, if you don’t know, stands for Great Ocean Highway, and is part of the On the GOH Land Race featured on Grand Theft Auto Online.

It’s a play off Los Santos’s California equivalent, the PCH (aka Pacific Coast Highway.)

It’s 100% fake, was made playing a video game, and the real Chelsea Clinton is A-OK.

But this on the internet and there’s a tiny percentage of internet users who thought it was real, enough so to prompt someone from Twitter’s new community team to place some context below one version of the video.

“For a second, I thought it was real,” the top comment on TikTok from @basedFood reads.

“Lowkey thought this was a video recording for a sec,” @Pluunk commented.

“Sending this to grandma,” @CoolDolphinFacts jokingly (hopefully) commented.

This isn’t even AI, just video game level CGI, and it’s already duped a handful of people on the internet.

Can you imagine what someone hellbent on real, actual chaos can do with legit AI voiceovers, even more realistic graphics, and that artistic eye to make the physics look good enough can do?

It’s not a matter of if, but when, unfortunately.


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