If you roll coal, don’t, but, if you do, keep an eye on the road so you don’t crash like this dingus.

Redditor and presumed Virginia resident /u/ZakkAttack86 hit save on his dashcam after he saw a lifted truck driver on I-66 near Centreville, Virginia attempt to roll coal on traffic behind him, that is until a last minute last change from another car ruined his plans.

When he did eventually roll coal, he presumably took his eyes off the road causing him to crash into a traffic barrier!

The thread is linked here, the dashcam video is below, and a mirror’s here just in case.

As mentioned, the accident happened on I-66 next to exit 53B (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Honestly, the circumstances leading up to the crash are a bit confusing but, thanks to /u/ChairBoy, it’s quite clear.

Basically, whenever you see a truck, lifted or not, slow on the freeway for no good reason, chances are it’s getting ready to roll coal (spew thick, black smoke out its tailpipe.)

In the video we see a car change lane in front of our coal roller affectively blocking the truck and styming his plan to both roll coal and make a speedy exit.

The truck rolled a little coal but, since there was a car in front of him, he wanted to look out his rearview mirror to see if the black cloud of smoke was actually big or not.

With his eyes off the road, he drifted into the gore point, eventually crashing into a crash attenuator (barrier.)


The gore point crash barrier in question.

“You know he is thinking, “That silver car did this to me,”” /u/New22003 comments.

“Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person..GFY,” /u/HWGA_Exandria also commented.

“Typical day on I-66. Tough typically happens around the Vienna Exit,” /u/Lolplayerem pointed out.

It’s rare to come across a video of a coal roller getting their comeuppance, as it’s usually the other way around, the coal roller being an absolute d*** to traffic around them for no good reason.

Finally, we get some instant karma.

And if you roll coal just to p*** people off, here’s to hoping you get what’s coming to you.


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