The driver and his passengers supposedly survived.

*If you’re here from Tyler Summerlin’s Facebook video or Reddit, there’s no new information here!

What looks like a distracted driver and his passengers are recovering after police officer body cam footage shows the driver’s car literally driving onto and launching off of a responding tow truck’s bed. The tow truck and police officers were responding to a prior accident near Valdosta, GA in Lowndes County.

Check out the body cam footage from Facebook user Tyler Summerlin below.

As of this blog post, I could not find any news stories about this accident.

The video appears to be a smartphone recording of bodycam footage playing off a computer from the Lowndes County Sheriff Office’s Evidence archive.

“Reviewed by C.White ( on 25 May 2023” can be seen on the bottom of the vid.

As the video shows, it looks like this happened on a nearby Georgia Highway showing multiple police officers, their cars, and emergency services responding to a prior accident.

An officer in POV is seen walking back to his vehicle when he sees a car approach, drive onto, and launch off a tow truck with a lowered bed.

The car flies into the air, lands on its side, pivots and flip front first before crashing to a stop.

We hear the officer call code 10-51, which is a call for another tow truck.

Redditor /u/donaltman3 posted the same video to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit and appears to be familiar with the situation.

“Happened yesterday in Rural South Georgia (Valdosta/Lowndes County.) There was another accident that happened just before this… these people were rubber necking not paying attention and didn’t see the ramp tow vehicle,” /u/Donaltman3 comments.

“The people in the car were banged up but survived, I’m not sure how. Tow truck crash bar was ripped off, but the cab was fine. There is another view of this floating around from a different source, this one is from an officer’s body cam.. one of the police cars also got footage. Not sure if it was supposed to be leaked, but we all got the video within minutes of it happening.

Many in the comments on both Facebook and Reddit agree this is a case of rubbernecking or getting distracted by an accident to take a closer look.

Unfortunately, rubbernecking near accidents also causes a lot of accidents.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

Do you know more about this story?

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  1. She (SANDRA) saved innocent stand-Byers out of harms way, by taking that ramp. Check footage frame by frame. Why, was a Tow Truck stopped, parked, in that lane, without flashing lights? All other First Responders had flashers on. Girl driver was HERO. I should know I drive drunk all the time. True story. What? Just saying.


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