“I thought maybe you hit me,” the Vero Beach woman claimed.

A Vero Beach, FL woman has a court date to get ready for after she was caught by a home security camera sideswiping an SUV, driving off, and coming back to collect the evidence before driving off again.

The hit-and-run victim, who goes by, @BuckyJuggs on TikTok, used the security camera footage and, with help from a Good Samaritan, to successfully track down the hit-and-runner’s vehicle.

With a Deputy Sheriff, they located the responsible party and filmed the several minutes long confrontation.

The entire confrontation & immediate aftermath is all on @BuckyJuggs’s TikTok.

Check out the videos for yourself below.

@buckyjuggs Karma at its finest. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks but old people can still learn life lessons #fyp #viral #hitandrun ♬ original sound – BuckyJuggs

According to @BuckyJuggs, he was at a client’s house performing some work.

As the security camera footage shows, the hit-and-runner sideswipes OP’s Ford Escape and, as mentioned, leaves before driving back to pick up pieces from her and OP’s Escape.

In an update video posted below, OP clarifies that he didn’t park on a narrow road, and it was, in fact, a large road where cars of all sizes park daily.

“People park on that side of the road…all day. I’ve parked there 300 times and never had a problem.”

Here’s a screenshot from that video showing just how wide it is.

OP drives down the whereabouts where his Ford Escape was hit. As you can see, it’s wide.

OP also posted the extent of the damage his Ford Escape suffered.

The extent of the damaged on his Ford Escape. That’s easily thousands of dollars in damage.

OP then describes how he posted photos of and about this lady’s SUV and what happened all over social media, including canvassing his local neighborhood, as someone likely knows who this lady is.

Thankfully, a Good Samaratin saw an SUV that matched the description and literally drives OP there.

As his video shows, the SUV was located at a set of condominiums off Bay Road which, according to OP, has units valued in the $1.2 million range.

That’s worth noting as many commenters wondered if these people had insurance, to wit, where they live suggests otherwise.

The SUV, a late model Toyota Highlander, matched the SUV in the security camera footage but now had a rooftop storage container.

It doesn’t take long for Sheriff’s Deputy Darrell and OP to find the responsible party, as she was found doing some gardening work in front of an elevator.

The hit-and-runner identifies herself as such when OP and Deputy Darrell confront her.

Right off the bat she reflexively and allegedly lies claiming, “it hit me!” before being reminded by the Sheriff that, “We got it on camera. No, you hit him.”

The lady claims that for two days she didn’t know what to do, was upset about the situation, and ultimately felt so much better and was glad OP caught up with her like some burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Walking back to her Highlander to retrieve her license and registration, she doubles down on her original claim, saying, “I thought you hit me.”

To which the Sheriff responds, “There’s no way you thought that.”

“I believe every word you say,” she tells OP

“I don’t think you believe your own words, mam,” OP fires back.

“Excuse me, I have never lied in my life,” she responds.

When they finally make it to her Highlander after trading remarks with each other, the husband shows up to confront OP but is told by the Sheriff to back off.

The hit-and-runner’s husband confronts OP. “Who are you?,” he asks.

In update videos posted earlier today, we learned that shortly after that video ended, Deputy Daryl located the side view mirror that the woman admitted to tossing in the trash. He was literally clawing through garbage to find it!

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To thank Deputy Darell, OP linked to his Venmo to collect money to give to that deputy as a reward.

When OP attempted to gift that deputy his rightly earned money, he was informed that while he can’t personally accept donations, he can give it to someone else, which is what they plan to do.

@buckyjuggs Replying to @EJ venmo: @buckyjuggs , cashapp: $ianleveton ???? sorry I’m an ugly crier yall ???? #deputydarrell #fyp #hitandrun ♬ original sound – BuckyJuggs

There’s a dispatcher who’s a single mother he works with that is in the middle of breast cancer treatments who needs the money more than him.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

As for the hit-and-runner, in the state of Florida hit-and-runs where only property is involved, “can be charged with a misdemeanor in the second degree, which carries penalties of up to 60 days of jail time and a maximum $500 fine.”

I’m sure we’ll have more updates from OP as his case slowly progresses.


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