Spotting this scofflaw was as easy as getting financing on a new Altima.

You ever see another car whiz past you in the breakdown lane and wish some cop lit them up? Well, Redditor and presumed North Carolina resident /u/Charly_Darwin experienced exactly that and got his wish.

OP shared a dashcam video of a driver in a Ford Super Duty drive by him in an emergency lane on I-77 near Charlotte to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit earlier this week.

Just seconds after giving that driver his .02, an undercover police interceptor whizzed by him with his blues and tunes on.

Check out OP’s thread here, his video below and, just in case Imgur is down, there’s a mirror here.

OP’s video shows him creeping along in traffic in the left-most lane. It’s almost bumper-to-bumper but, it’s moving along.

To his left, we see said Super Duty with mismatched fenders blast by.

“F*** y**, dude,” OP says.

Less than four seconds after his expletive, North Carolina Highway Patrol comes flying by, ready to pull the Super Duty driver over.

“Every bit of this video is a treat. The casual humming to classical music, the disdain in the “f*** you”, and then the chuckle and “get him!” at the end wrapped up with that satisfied “nice,” the top comment from /u/Ok-Button6101 reads.

“This is art,” /u/llamaguy68 commented.

Although I couldn’t find the specific law, similar fines in other states for driving on the shoulder is classified as an infraction, comes with a small fine that balloons once you add on the fees, and may or may not include at least one point on your record.

The shoulder is for breakdowns and emergency vehicles, only.

While it might save you a couple of minutes, there’s a reason traffic is so slow where you are.

There’s a good chance an emergency vehicle is close behind you to get to the source of the traffic.

Do you really want to risk the precious time of emergency services for your own convenience?

Also, like this video shows, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Unless you want to get pulled over along with the fine and possible point, suffer in traffic like the rest of us.


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