The fire appears to have originated under the Mach E where the battery is.

According to Polish news outlet and witness videos circulating on TikTok from earlier this week (May 28, 2023) a Mach E caught fire in the city of Gdańsk, Poland.

Check out witness video of the local fire department putting out the blaze below.


Gdansk, Wrzeszcz Elektryk Mustang Mach-E

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According to the report, local emergency services received a call around 4 P.M. about an SUV on fire at a PKN Orlen gas station off of Gen Jozef Haller Avenue.

Five fire crews arrived on scene, assessed the situation, and extinguished the fire, shooting water at the underside of the Mach E.

As you can see in the witness video above, firefighters shot water where the battery pack is.

It supposedly took over two hours to not only extinguish the flames, but to continuously shoot water at Mach E’s underside, making sure the area cooled to at least 86F.

Fire crews remained on scene for an additional three hours to monitor the electric SUV for possible flare-ups.

Local fire crews tweeted out this update with photo and video showing how they’ve jacked up the Mach E on its side to better spray the battery pack.

A reply contains additional followup, that the Mach E will be towed and stored at least 5 meters away from other cars, just in case of a random fire and presumably for a more thorough investigation.

The post concludes by saying this is the second electric car that’s ever burned in Poland, the first one, an electric Mercedes, burned in the city of Pomerania.

That one took significantly longer to extinguish, with fire crews taking over 21 hours to extinguish the flames and secure the area.

Fire crews and officials did not determine the cause of the fire, but based on said witness video, photos, and where the fire was coming from, it’s quite obvious what the likely cause is.

This is not the only Mustang Mach E that’s caught fire this year, as one burst into flames on the 215 Beltway in Clark County, Nevada earlier in January.

I’m sure Ford of Europe will be all over this Mach E to determine the official cause of the fire and to reassure its customers.

According to Statista, the Mach E is the second best-selling EV in Poland, next to the Tesla Model 3.


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