Who knew the famous fast food magnate owned a bright red Acura NSX.

Another day, another first gen NSX is up for auction on eBay, except this one has a famous previous owner. According to eBay seller ReelSolution on his listing for a 1992 Acura NSX he recently put up for auction earlier this week, this pristine example was once owned by Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas.

You can find the listing here and a gallery of photos from the listing below.

“Formerly owned by Dave Thomas (Wendy’s) which isn’t really a big deal unless you know that fella’s life story, part of OP’s listing description reads. Full folder of docs, including from his ownership.”

I’ve asked the seller for some sort of proof so, until I update this blog post, you’re going to have to take his word for it.

This ’92 Acura NSX is currently in Elberta, Alabama and is, as the seller describes, “possibly the very best NSX in the United States.”

With only 25,000 miles on the odometer, this NSX averaged well below 1,000 miles a year.

The listing goes onto to say it’s always been garaged in a climate controlled garage, has been well maintained and recently had a timing belt service done by a Honda dealership.

With a $50,000 top bid with seven days to go, it’s safe to say this NSX will fetch top dollar.

As for its famous previous owner, Thomas was, according to The Classic Cars Journal, a bit of a car guy and collector.

In the late ’70s, Thomas ordered up a custom 1978 Glassic Roadster which is styled after a 1929 Ford Model A. Instead of the stock four-cylinder these roadsters normally came with, this one got a Ford 302 V8, an automatic transmission, and painted a custom yellow and orange ala Wendy’s theme.

The roadster was used as a restaurant promotional tool.

The article goes onto to say Thomas had a 1948 Mercury sometime in the 1990s.

And, in a 1987 article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, it mentions Thomas already owned five cars, not including his Rolls-Royce which Thomas says he hated, partly because he overpaid for it.

By the time the NSX debuted two years late in 1989, I’m sure he saw the value of collecting one of Japan’s first modern supercars and ordered the NSX that’s for sale/sold today.

If you’re a fan of those classic square burgers and JDM cars, this NSX’s existence is that bit of pub trivia that ties those two together.


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