Abimelec Design puts his spin on the last gen Ford Crown Victoria, transforming it into the wagon Ford never made.

Automotive Concepts and Design graphics artist Abimelec Design took one of Ford’s last full size sedans, the Ford Crown Victoria, and, drawing inspiration from great American wagons like the Dodge Magnum and Buick Roadmaster, reimagined the Crown Victoria as a five door station wagon.

Check out his design work below.

As Abimelec Design captioned his work, Ford discontinued the wagon version of the LTD Ford Crown Victoria both in Country Squire and Non-wood grain design back in 1991.

With the popularity of family oriented vehicles like the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable, the new, redesigned Crown Victoria, introduced for model year 1992, was only offered in four-door sedan form.

The same goes for the second gen C.V. IN 1998 after its extensive redesign.

Of course, that didn’t stop some handy Crown Victoria owners, like this 1997 Crown Victoria owner linked here, to graft on the rear wagon hatch from another FoMoCo product onto the sedan body.

@Dougs_Cars on Twitter might’ve spotted the exact one linked above driving through Suffolk, VA in 2019.

Abimelec Design started off where Ford’s left off in 1991 but took his own stylistic interpretation, particularly with the rear roof slope.

“I did the sloping roof line because I liked it, and to be completely honest I’ve always found the original Crown Vic Wagon to be a little weirdly proportioned because of the arrow-straight roofline.”

The rear end looks massive, and full of empty surfaces, something that I think wouldn’t look good on the more modern Crown Vic.”

If you’re wondering, this Crown Vic Wagon sits on Rotiform CBU wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05 tires.

I love what Abimelec Design did, however, Ford would probably go for a more conservative, straight-edged (non-slope) approach in the rear.

After all, a wagon is a design practice in function over form.

Personally, I’d love a modern Crown Vic Wagon like what Abimelec Design did but with some usable suspension travel and meatier tires; it’d make for one sweet road trip-ready wagon.

Someone should definitely bring Abimelec Design’s work to life. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these last gen Crown Vics still around, so it’s not like we’re cutting up something rare.



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