Ducking is a trend that started in 2020 but clearly, some Jeep owners would rather not participate.

A Jeep Wrangler owner is feeling a bit disheartened after she placed a yellow rubber duck on another Jeep and came back to find her duck had been returned to her in less than ideal shape, headless.

Ducking, if you didn’t already know, is a trend that took in 2020 where Jeep owners place rubber ducks on other owners Jeeps.

It’s supposed to be a sign of camaraderie in the Jeep community and is, for the moment, “a Jeep thing.”

Here’s the screenshot of the post left by the now sad Jeep Wrangler driver from the “Only Fans Jeeps” Facebook group below. Be warned, that Facebook group is NSFW!

“Y’all my Jeep heart was broken yesterday as we “ducked” a fellow Jeep in a restaurant parking lot to come out to see the duck we “ducked” it with completely amputated. They cut the head 0ff and placed it back on my Jeep. Never has this happened to me! Why are they even driving a Jeep?”

The first photo shows the duck as she found it returned to her, on top of her Lime Green Jeep Wrangler’s hood. The head of the rubber duck is placed neatly to the right of the rubber duck’s body.

Message received.

The second photo shows the poor rubber duck in the palm of her hand, a bit worse for wear, to say the least.

The comments left on the screenshot of the post by Michigander Greg Henderson seem to share Henderson’s original sentiments.

“Some heroes don’t wear capes,” commented Scott Passant.

“Why are they littering on others Jeeps?” Lee Aungst technically pointed out.

David Robison’s comment sums her experience up quite nicely.

“Some people just hate the whole duck thing and don’t get that’s it’s just a silly way to acknowledge another Jeep. Those are usually the people who don’t socialize much, are not part of a Jeep Club, and don’t ever complement or appreciate other Jeeps. Just gotta say oh well and move on.”

As Robinson pointed out, a lot of Jeep owners drive Jeeps not to be part of a community per se, but because they just like Jeeps, their capabilities, and what the Jeep stands for (America, rugged individualism, and etc.)

You’re bound to come across a couple of owners who would rather stay in their lane, keep to themselves, and not participate in trends.

That’s their right.

There are also people who go a step further to send a message.

Whether you like ducking or not, that’s up to you.

Just be prepared for the occasional duck thrown back at you or, worse, finding one returned to you without its head.


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