Make that another totaled Chevrolet SS

A Chevrolet SS owner is seriously regretting messing with some old truck as smartphone footage posted to @310_1320 shows the moment a Silverado, trying to get around said road raging SS, oversteers into the SS, causing both to wreck.

Check out the footage for yourself below. Just in case the video below is not found, I’ve got a mirror linked here.

This definitely did not happen in California, as some people online are incorrectly claiming.

This happened in Mission, Texas (Lower Rio Grande Valley) on I-2 (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Where the events leading up to the crash unfolded.

You might have to replay it again, but right when the video starts, we can see the SS swing across multiple lanes without signaling.

It’s not clear why the SS driver was acting so erratically, and it doesn’t look like they were trying to race either.

For whatever reason, the SS driver wasn’t allowing the Silverado driver to pass.

When the Silverado signals to get into the passing lane to overtake the road raging SS, the SS driver changes lane and has the nerve to brake check him too, blocking him from passing again.

Not wanting to mess around anymore, the Silverado driver violently changes lane to the right and guns it in an attempt to pass the SS by surprise.

But, it all goes terribly wrong.

As mentioned, the Silverado driver oversteers out of control right into the rear of the SS, causing both of them to wreck.

The SS suffers some major rear end damage, while it looks like the Silverado only scrapes his tailgate, albeit pretty badly.

Whoever is filming ends the video with his camera pointed at the Chevrolet SS.

The SS definitely got the brunt end of the collision.

“SS wasn’t fast enough to get away from the truck spinning out, lowkey good he paid the consequences of his own actions,” ZThirtyThree commented.

“This is 100% Texas. This is how all the idiots drive here. You pass up a 1998 dodge caravan, and they want to race all of a sudden when they were driving 50 mph in the fast lane a few seconds ago,” D5553NTR also commented.

As they say, he f****d around and found out.


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