Rancho Santa Fe Cars and Coffee used to be a private, invite-only event, but it hasn’t been that way for years.

Car photographer and Rancho Santa Fe Cars & Coffee attendee Austin Espinoza shared video from earlier this past weekend ( Aug, 5, 2023) showing the confrontation he had with Maurice, a self-proclaimed RSF C&C organizer.

According to the video’s caption, Espinoza witnessed Maurice try to kick out Jayro Verduzco’s (who goes by @ThatOneCarDude) LS-swapped 240SX from parking among other RSF C&C show attendees and confronted him over the issue.

Check out Espinoza’s video and caption below.

Rancho Santa Fe Cars and Coffee is a weekly car show held every Saturday (weather permitting) between 8 a.m. and noon that supposedly caters to hypercars, rare cars, high-end supercars, and vintage classics.

According to event goers and as photos online will attest, the morning event is held entirely in Downtown Ranch Santa Fe on public streets.

“This (Rancho Santa Fe C&C) originally started as a private event years ago before the actual people who organized made it public, Espinoza clarifies.

“… For years and years, this has been open to the public. Maurice has never run or organized this event. He may have invited some higher end cars down, but this event is run by the public now.”

“He (Maurice) decided that an LS Swapped 240SX Owens’s by @thatonecardude wasn’t good enough to be at his car show and was telling him to leave and start his own car group.”

Here’s what Verduzco’s Nissan looks like (Facebook post linked here.)

The video shows less than two minutes of Espinoza and Maurice trying to come to some understanding.

“You dilute the event, then the guys that have nice cars that don’t want to come and guess what, the event becomes lousy…we have the whole county, they can get together any place else…we’re promoting supercars, hypercars, rare cars, vintage cars,” Maurice tries to explain to Espinoza.

“That’s not right, man,” Espinoza fires back.

“That’s not right. You shouldn’t turn any people away, dude. That’s ruining the car community in general.”

Opinions seem to be divided in the comments, whose right or wrong.

Most are supportive of Verduzco and Espinoza, citing that this is technically a public event on public streets.

“Imagine thinking you could kick someone out of an event held in a public space. Talk about a rich entitled d***** bag!” @sd_210 commented.

There are, however, a handful of popular comments backing up Maurice, saying that Verduzco should recognize precedence and show some level of decorum in regard to where he parks.

“The 240SX is a bit clap out looking, lol, just check his page. Yes, there is an LS swap, but the man is hosting an exotic only event, so just let it be.” @hard_park replies.

I think Maurice is obviously allowed to voice his opinion, pointing out the history of the car show and who typically shows up but, if it’s not a private event, he has no actual power to kick someone out.

As for Verduzco, he should be allowed to park wherever he publically pleases, as long as he’s not breaking any laws.

That being said, public places are shared spaces and, by the looks of the success of this publically organized show, and its longevity, this established community of high-end car owners have organized something that downtown San Diego residents, tourists, and local business tolerates (if not welcomes.)

As Verduzco is an outlier among other cars, Verduzco has to read the room and ask himself, is my parking there contributing to the greater good?

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.


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