Fans of the show aren’t sure if this means the show’s cancelled-cancelled or, as Team Monza 405 says, “…not picked up this year.”

Fans of Street Outaws (original series) either might have to wait for a new season (Season 16,) or prepare for the worst, the show’s cancellation.

Original cast member Team Monza 405 was replying to comments on Facebook and replied to user Amos Va that, “there is no OG show anymore.”

Check out a screenshot of his post below from this Reddit thread linked here.

According to Discovery, the original series of Street Outlaws has been going strong for 15 seasons, the last episode (S15 E10 The $16K Photo Finish) aired on Mar 6, 2023.

No Prep Kings, an offshoot of Street Outlaws, has been going strong for 5 seasons and is currently filming Season 6 as of the beginning of June.

Usually, Street Outlaws Original Series shoots between the last race of the latest season of filming for No Prep Kings.

But, according to Jeff Hood,

“…seeing as they did not tape anything during the NPK break, I would say there would be no time to tape anything till late October, early November. That’s really pushing it climate-wise unless they go to California or something.”

“I would think, after running ragged all year, the rest of the group have little desire to pack up and leave town again for a few weeks to tape a show.”

Despite what Team Monza 405 said and with such a small window of actual filming for a Season 16 airing in 2024, his next reply does hint the show hasn’t been cancelled outright.

“It (Season 16) was not picked up this year, at least that’s what I was told.”

Discovery, owned by Warner Bros, hasn’t been immune to the Hollywood Strike, either.

According to a Reuters report earlier this month re Warner Bros (Discover included), uncertainty over the strike may delay timing of its film slate, and its ability to produce and deliver content.”

Regardless of the original show’s declining popularity with each new season, Street Outlaws still draws in millions of viewers.

I’d be surprised if Discovery actually confirms that the show is actually cancelled.

More likely than not, filming, editing, and later airing may just be delayed.

What do you think?

Will there be a Season 16 of the Original Series of Street Outlaws?

Let me know in the comments below.


  1. My husband is missing street outlaws. He checks Discovery every Monday to see if they are on. Not having a new season without telling everyone that it has been canceled or the filming is delayed is no way to leave a show that we watch every week.

  2. I’ll be surprised if they do anything on the streets period,After Ryan Fellows was killed and the lawsuit filed against Discovery,If they did bring it back would surprise me!I think instead of bringing it back,They will come out with some kind of small tire show but filmed on tracks like NPK,or smaller little known tracks,Like Yellow Belly,Browns and others!!

  3. Old School viewers 1960-1980 Muscle Car lovers view this show for the cars and the roar of the engines. Nothing compares to the sound of a 1000hp big block engine. We loved them as kids and love them today. That is Street Outlaws viewer base.
    Which unfortunately are the NASCAR fans that are less each year. Why? It’s obvious Old Racers can’t live for ever. I really hope it comes back. As far as the Ryan Fellows accident he would tell you that’s racing and I died doing what I loved.God Bless


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