Another case of instant karma and convenient cop.

Presumed Washington resident and Redditor /u/Yuyu_Z shared dashcam footage from Route 2 in Cashmere, WA showing the exact moment a lifted diesel truck owner overtakes a car by rolling coal only to get pulled over by Washington State Police for speeding.

OP’s thread is linked here, with a copy of his video below.

The incident happened on Route 2 between Monitor and Dryden (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the video shows, the driver in the lifted diesel comes up to the bumper of a car right in front of them and, instead of changing lane and overtaking normally, accelerates hard, on purpose, to roll coal.

Rolling coal if you didn’t already know is the common but illegal practice of tuning a diesel engine to emit large plumes of black smoke, often when the driver is wide-open throttle (accelerating hard.)

It’s purely done to annoy and pollute, as a tune to roll coal increases wear and tear on internal parts, shortening the lifespan of an engine.

The bonehead diesel bro chooses to overtake right before a curve near a train crossing, which, obscures any traffic just a few feet beyond.

It’ also the ideal spot for a speed trap as, moments after we see his soot-filled overtake, Washington’s finest takes off from the side of the road where he was strategically parked and pulls over the lifted truck.

“So satisfying. But how dare that white car not realize this awesome truck needs the whole highway and immediately pull off?,” /u/BCK99 commented.

“He couldn’t just pass the car normally, had to be an a** about it. True karma,” said /u/Peter_Griffin33

Speeding in Washington will cost that diesel bro at least $125 before all the fees.

Hopefully he’ll think twice before rolling coal on some innocent car in the future or, better yet, remove his coal rolling diesel tune altogether.

But, knowing the reputation about these types of drivers, that ain’t going to happen.


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