“My Fiancé is the idiot,” the future wife to be aptly titled her thread.

Bride-to-be and Redditor /u/YourBrokenCondom shared the terrifying dashcam footage from Bushnell, FL showing her fiancé going to fast for conditions during a torrential downpour causing him to hydroplane out of control.

Despite doing a complete 180, they made it out OK.

/u/YourBrokenCondom’s thread is linked here with a copy of her video embedded below.

The couple is travelling on I-75 in Bushnell, FL (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in the video, it’s raining way too hard, so hard that the wipers can’t keep up.

The speed limit on I-75 is 70 MPH, we can see the dashcam readout read 78 MPH.

Travelling in the fast lane, in hindsight the inevitable happens, they hydroplane.

As their tires lose traction, they do a complete 180.

We can hear OP in the background shrieking in terror, and understandably so.

“We’re fine,” the fiancé/idiot repeats 14 times after realizing they’re going to make it out OK.

Somehow annoyed at her reaction to their near death experience, he firmly asks her to, “Chill out” twice.

What a piece of work.

Thankfully, cars react around them accordingly, slowing down and giving their car careening out of control some space.

While some experts say you should cut your speed in heavy rain by a 1/3 or as much as a 1/2, more realistic experts say 5-10 MPH below the speed limit is what most level headed drivers actually do.

Almost everyone agrees that speeds in excess of the speed limit when wet is a recipe for disaster.

“Yeah, this is a proper hydroplane,” /u/velhaconta comments. “They’re driving way too fast for the amount of water.”

“Did he learn his lesson? Going 80 MPH in the rain is downright stupid,” /u/_jump_yossarian asks.

To which, OP replies,

“He’s in trouble and I hope he never does this again. My life isn’t worth speeding for.”

If you’re wondering why they tell you to slow down in the rain, this is why.

They made it out unscathed, it’s no guarantee you will if you decide to take the risk and gun it in the rain.

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