The driver in the high-powered Chevrolet Corvette thought it’s best to speed away instead of getting caught.

Presumed Washington resident and Redditor /u/erasemeee shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the embarrassing moment a driver in a modified Chevrolet Corvette gave it a bootful of throttle and crashed on his own into the retaining wall next to the on-ramp.

/u/erasemeee’s thread is linked here, with a copy of his video embedded below.

The accident happened on the 41st St. on-ramp merging into I-5 in Everett, Washington (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

And here’s what that Corvette driver saw moments before his crash.

A long on-ramp is a tempting invitation to speed, especially if you have a high-powered Chevrolet Corvette.

As you can see in the video, OP is travelling in lane #3, minding their own business cruising near the speed limit.

To the left, you can see a dark-colored Chevrolet Corvette merging onto I-5.

All of a sudden, the rear end of the Corvette looses traction, causing the driver to oversteer into the retaining wall next to him.

Those in the comments agree this was a case of Power Oversteer where, according to AutoZine,

“…the cornering limit is too low, or the engine torque is too high at the speed concerned, (causing) the rear end to slide severely once the throttle is pressed.”

In layman’s terms, this owner’s Corvette had too much power for how much traction was available.

Opting to dip instead of making the walk of shame to inspect the damage and risk getting lit up by nearby police, the Corvette driver, as the title of the thread says, “had the audacity to continue speeding.”

“Escaping their own shame,” /u/Readonkulous commented.

“It still amazes me how people can wreck on a straight road with no one around them,” /u/Life-Philosopher-129 added.

There’s nothing wrong with an enthusiastic romp on the loud pedal entering the highway up to and slightly above the speed limit.

After all, that’s what on-ramps are kind of for.

But, to not know the limits of your own car and experimenting with said limits around regular traffic is dangerous to you and others around you, not to mention irresponsible.

Hopefully, this Corvette driver learned a valuable lesson and drives accordingly.

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  1. Doesn’t know how to drive it and doesn’t stop to check for damage sounds more like a car thief than an embarrassment case ????????‍♂️


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