Who’s in the wrong? This hard-working, double-shift taker, or the lady who refused to give him an inch?

Presumed Wyandotte resident and Redditor /u/efficient-deficiency posted up hilarious dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit from Wyandotte, MI showing the standoff he had with a driver that would not give him some space exiting a narrow, downtown alleyway.

/u/efficient-deficiency’s post is linked here with a copy of his dashcam footage posted below.

[OC] Leaving work after a double. They finally found me…
byu/efficient-deficiency inIdiotsInCars

This back-and-forth took place off of Sycamore St. in Wyandotte, MI, the driver exiting the City of Wyandotte Parking Lot 4 (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s thread title says, he just got off from working a double shift at a nearby establishment at around 9 P.M. on a Friday night.

As the video starts out, the driver in the Beige Chevrolet Suburban signals her intent to go left, while OP signals right.

“I have to turn right, here, so you’ve made it impossible, not me. I’m not moving. You can move forward or backward, but I can’t get through.”

If you check out where OP’s at on Google Maps, you’ll see that, both the lot he’s exiting and Sycamore St. are quite narrow.

Although Sycamore St. is technically a two-way street (20 feet wide,) really, only one car coming or going can squeeze through comfortably.

Also, we don’t know how wide OP’s vehicle is.

We see the woman in the Suburban eventually pull forward and stop, but now there’s another SUV following with nowhere to go, blocking OP’s way to go right or straight.

“Well, go through that way and you can go around. Move, you dumb-dumb.”

As you can see in this maps screenshot pointed 180 degrees from OP, if the lady in the Suburban drove up, she could’ve as easily entered from another driveway a couple feet away.

“Please move for this person (the other SUV,) they’re being patient.”

Eventually, the Suburban driver moves forward enough where he can squeeze behind both SUVs, opting to go straight instead of right.

“You can do whatever you want now because I’m gone. I love you, goodbye!.”

“Clearly she had been planning that left for a long time, perhaps most of her life, and just couldn’t handle her lifelong goal being crushed by OP’s lack of consideration. Shame on you, OP,” /u/Area51Resident sarcastically commented.

“This dumb dumb is one of those people who stand right in front of the elevator doors and rush in as soon as the door opens,” /u/fliesRspies4thedevil added.

While, on paper and executed perfectly, both probably could’ve done what they wanted to do, but in this situation where it’s safer to let OP out instead of attempting to inch past each other, the lady in the Suburban could’ve made life a lot easier by letting OP through.

Regardless, everyone left without leaving a mark on each other’s vehicles and no one really got angry at each other, so that’s a win.

Who do you think was right, here?

Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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