Big Altima Energy strikes in Springfield, MO.

A Ford Mustang Convertible owner will likely have to send their beloved ‘vert to the scrap yard after an inattentive Altima drive wreaked havoc on it.

Presumed Springfield resident and Redditor /u/loveridesmile shared head shaking dashcam footage from Springfield, MO showing the surprising moment a Nissan Altima driver got themselves T-boned by a driver in a Ford Mustang after taking an illegal left turn.

/u/LoveRideSmile’s thread and video is embedded below.

[Anker Roav] Mustang t-bones Altima
byu/loveridesmile inDashcam

The accident happened at the intersection of St. Louis St. and N. National Ave. in Springfield, MO (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Here’s the closest I can get to the Altima’s POV.

The sign above on the traffic light says, “Left Turn Yield on flashing arrow.”

In the video, we can see OP arriving to and stopping at National Ave, signaling to turn left.

In the corner there’s a White Nissan Altima stopped also waiting to turn left.

Cross traffic travelling on St. Louis St. gets the green light, and approaching traffic arrives at and continues through the intersection.

Suddenly, we see the Altima driver begin their left turn and, halfway through the intersection, realizes there’s a Ford Mustang barreling right at them.

Although they both brake before the impending collision, it’s too little too late.

They also swerve into the path of the Mustang.

The Mustang T-Bones them on their passenger side door, side airbags deploying.

“Wow, not the Mustang’s fault for a change! Sadly, that’s an older convertible so it’s going to end up being totaled. Hopefully the Altima driver doesn’t lie and say they had a protected turn and the Mustang ran a red light,” /u/noncongruent comments.

Springfield drivers are the worst,” /u/tomassean adds.

OP notes that he did the right thing and submitted the video to police for their records and offered a statement, too, despite no statement taken.

Hopefully OP’s video provides the slam dunk the Mustang driver’s insurance needs to declare their client free of fault as they didn’t deserve their ride to suddenly find a home at the wrecking yard.

And if you need another reason to get a dashcam, here it is.


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