You’d think a seat in a six figure Jeep can survive a couple of kicks, but apparently not so.

A service department employee at a Jeep dealership (who will remain anonymous) shared a photo of a front seat from a Jeep Grand Wagoneer dissembled and in for service.

Why is the seat in for service?

Apparently, the kids of the Grand Wagoneer owner kicked it one too many times, rendering one or more of the seats functions inoperable.

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Here’s the seat in question below and the comment from the service advisor confirming the cause.

And here are a couple of up close looks at the inner workings of the seat.

To most Americans, this looks complicated as heck, and rightfully so.

But, apparently, this level of seat complexity is par for the course for a lot of luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and etc.

Not only can this seat from Jeep’s most expensive offering recline, it has an infotainment system, can heat, cool, adjust 24 ways, and, most importantly, massage.

That’s what you’re looking at in this photo, there’s a pump that shoots air to individual tubes metered out to all the various massage pockets which, according to the massage mode, fire off in a programmed manner.

Thirty years ago, most seats were just foam and springs.

Today, seats must do a myriad of things which, not only justifies the exorbitant prices manufacturers ask, but adds to the complexity of it all.

Sure, for the owners with an active warranty, it’s no big deal their seat malfunctions.

It goes without saying, but you can imagine how big of a headache and money drainer these seats will become years from now when they’re well out of warranty.

I’m sure those Jeep (Stellantis) engineers stress tested their seats to be automotive grade and then some as, after all, they’re famously known to make Rubicon Trail ready vehicles right off the showroom floor.

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I guess now they’ll take into account a lifetime of kicks from children into their seat testing regime, too.


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