The victim’s 2020 VW Jetta SE was deemed a total loss.

nt a driver in a 2020 Mercedes GLE pulled an illegal U-Turn in front of them, causing them to T-Bone the Mercedes, totaling his car in the process.

OP’s thread and video is embedded below.

[OC] Idiot totals car by pulling illegal U-Turn from right lane
byu/NekoSeragaki inIdiotsInCars

The accident occurred across the Chevron and near the intersection of W. Lone Mountain Road and Cliff Shadows Parkway in a suburb of Las Vegas, NV (Location on Google Maps linked here.)

As the video shows, OP is driving with his girlfriend in their 2020 VW Jetta SE following a Mercedes GLE on a two lane road.

While OP is in the left lane, we can see the Mercedes driver slow to a stop in the right lane.

Assuming the Mercedes driver isn’t going to do what he does next, flip a U, OP continues driving straight like what most drivers would do in that situation.

Instead, the Mercedes driver pulls an illegal U-turn over two lanes with OP in their blind spot and, by the time the Mercedes driver can take corrective action, it’s already too late.

OP slams into the driver’s side fender of the Mercedes, as mentioned, totaling his Jetta in the process.

“That’s about the level of competence I expect from someone driving one of those hideous pieces of ***,” /u/L4m3rThanYou frankly commented.

“Sometimes you wonder what mirrors are made for,” /u/Garum_Lupus pondered.

If you’re like me and wondered how such a slow speed collision can total a car, several in the comments pointed out how expensive repairs can get.

Not only did the Jetta likely suffer extensive frame and suspension damage, repairing and replacing blown airbags (of which the Jetta has 6) and all the related components to like new conditions adds to the cost.

The comment further sheds light on the matter.

byu/NekoSeragaki from discussion

Since OP was not at fault and most in his situation would’ve reacted similarly with about the same results, it shows how important risk mitigation is, things like proper car insurance and, how I always harp on getting a dashcam, too.

Without either, repairing his car or getting fairly compensated would be that much more difficult.



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