The Riverside Sheriff motorcycle cop likely had a “no chase” police re motorcycles he had to adhere to.

Kawasaki Z650 rider and Redditor /u/starsblink shared helmet cam footage from Riverside County, CA to the /r/motorcycles subreddit showing the surprising moment a Yamaha R1 rider decided to launch off the line to triple digit speeds right in front of California cops.

/u/starsblink’s thread and video sharing the interesting (to say the least) video below.

I guess imma ditch my plate then. Oh, and get an R1.
byu/starsblink inmotorcycles

The incident occurred at the intersection of Winchester RD (SR 79) and Thompson Rd. in Winchester, CA (a part of Riverside County) exact location on Google Maps linked here.

As OP’s video shows, he and a Yamaha R1 rider (who presumably he does not know) are stopped at a light.

Unsurprisingly, the R1 rider has no plates.

Well aware, behind them is a Riverside Sheriff on a motorcycle and what looks like an unmarked CHP cruiser, too.

OP’s bike, a Z650, is a great, all-rounder type of bike with 67 HP and a top speed of 122 MPH, more than enough for the casual rider.

The Yamaha R1 on the other hand is a bona fide 998cc superbike with close to 200 HP and a top speed of 186 MPH with a limiter (191 MPH without.)

With a 0-60 MPH of around 2.6 seconds, it’s just as fast as electric cars.

Below is a race-spec version, not too far off of the street one.

Embed from Getty Images

Clearly, the R1 rider wanted to test the limits of the law as when the lights turned green he blasted off to at least 100 MPH, leaving everyone, OP included, in the dust.

The speed limit is 55 MPH.

The best part is OP looks over to the bike cop and the police officer throws up the universal sign for, “do you know this guy?”

“Are you seeing this s***?”

Surprisingly, they do not give chase.

“I was next to the cop at the next light, asked him why, and he said he didn’t want to chase him,” OP clarified

California, like a few other states, is a no chase state when it comes to motorcycles.

Yes, police can and do chase motorcycles, but they have department specific policies and guidelines they must adhere to.

While what that R1 rider did was clearly speeding, with little traffic in his way and his clear decision to goad on the police, the risk of chasing him was not worth the reward of handing him a speeding ticket.

If he was weaving in and out of traffic, causing accidents along the way, or was involved in a violent crime etc. I presume their chase policy at that point would be different.

“With more departments adopting no pursuit laws past x speed the mantra is no plate/tuck it and go. The only ones who will go after bikes in my area are troopers. Even then it’s usually groups,” /u/txnerdgasm commented.

“Homie knew they’d stop him for not having a plate, so he just ended it early lmao,” /u/RefrigeratedTP added.

All I have to say is, be a little more judicious, you riders out there, and keep the shiny side up.


  1. Important that police keep everyone safe. To many people are speeding, tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic. No considerations for safety. With the DA’S being paid by Soros organizations donating to the DA’S campaign. People are released without charge or bond. Time to start making people responsible. Prayers

  2. Crazy, bc less than 3 weeks ago, a dear friend of mine was pit maneuvered TWICE, IN Winchester, and suffered a shattered clavicle, 9 broken ribs, and has a fracture fractured bone in his shoulder that’s out of socket and then was arrested violently where he was charged with a hit and run resulting in misdemeanor property damage because apparently the police that hit him, damaged his own car, and also a charge of reckless driving. They claimed that he was being pulled over for no light on his license plate, but in the aftermath video because yes there’s a video, you can clearly see that the license plate light is still on on his motorcycle that’s laying on its side. They then had the nerve to put his bail at $200,000. And those were the only charges that he’s facing the charges that the police themselves, created. And this also happened in Winchester so it’s amazing to me that they let this guy go. This happened September 11th 2023.


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