The dashcam owner honked their horn in an attempt to get the delivery driver to pay attention.

Ohio resident and Redditor /u/ILikeToPointThingsOut posted dashcam footage over the weekend from Parma, OH, showing an inattentive Amazon delivery driver pulling out into busy traffic without properly looking and causing an accident.

/u/ILikeToPointThingsOut’s thread and video is embedded below.

[OC] Thanks for the delivery, Amazon…
byu/ILike2PointThingsOut inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, the accident happened in Parma, OH near the intersection of State Rd. and Woodway Ave (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

5200 Block of State Rd.

As OP’s video shows, they’re stuck in Parma traffic on State Road.

He notices an Amazon delivery van parked next to Stanley Properties Executive Offices with its wheels beginning to turn, indicative they’re just about to pull out.

“I noticed the driver start to turn their wheel left, which most people only do right before, or as, they’re going to start moving…”

With traffic passing the van, pulling out would be a guaranteed accident.

“I honked hoping it would cause them to freeze and reassess the situation before maneuvering. My honk went unheard.”

A driver in silver KIA Sportage has no room to maneuver out of the way and sideswipes the Amazon delivery van before ricocheting off OP’s car.

“Oh, noooooooo,” we can hear OP’s presumed partner exclaim in exasperation.

“No blinker, just a sudden turn into traffic,” /u/BernieTheDachshund points out.

“Well, the good news is they’ll get a hefty payout from Amazon,” _Adrena1ine_ comments, adding levity to the situation.

Bad habits that never backfired before or just because you’re in a rush is no excuse for failing to pull out of traffic properly.

A proper pull out into traffic involves checking your mirrors and blind spots, using your turn signals, and waiting for a space large enough for your vehicle to safely join traffic in.

One has to wonder how well trained, if any, are these Amazon delivery drivers.

By how many blog posts I write about their antics, I presume very little.

What do you think?

Are Amazon drivers careful where you live?

Let me know in the comments below.


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