Dashcam footage shows the semi entering the intersection a good three seconds after their turn light turned red.

SoCal resident and Redditor /u/dimsum4you shared dashcam footage from Torrance, CA to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the surprising moment a semi truck driver in a TForce Freight truck decided to blow through an intersection despite having a red light for what looks like at least three full seconds.

/u/dimsum4you’s thread and video is embedded below.

Who’s the biggest idiot here? [OC]
byu/dimsum4you inIdiotsInCars

The accident happened in Torrance, CA at the intersection of Sepulveda Blvd. and Crenshaw Blvd (exact location and screenshot located on Google maps linked here) around 3 P.M. on a Tuesday.

POV from the semi driver as shown via Google Maps car at the exact location.

As OP’s video shows, he’s stopped in a turn lane waiting for his turn to go.

As this overhead shot shows, this intersection services a densely populated area of Torrance, hence this is a particularly busy intersection.

The intersection in question is where the red star is at.

The red star marks Crenshaw and Sepulveda.

This is worth noting because, in particularly busy intersections, although illegal, it’s generally accepted that drivers must keep their head on a swivel for drivers that blow through newly turned red lights because…that’s what a lot of California drivers do.

OP sees the intersection in front of him turn green, which means drivers turning left across the intersection already have a red.

As mentioned, one or two cars enter when red but, as two trucks with a green light pulled forward, thinking that those last stragglers were the last two to enter, we see a TForce Freight truck start to turn left against a red turn arrow.

Not expecting the TForce semi, the two trucks almost crash into the TForce semi before all stop to avoiding hitting each other.

a near crash.

The trucks sneak past and the TForce semi, all 14 wheels of it, makes their left turn on Reddit.

“I knew as soon as I saw it that this was the intersection of Crenshaw and Sepulveda. Someone is always doing dumb s**t there, but a whole semi? That light was red before he even went into that intersection,” /u/Skellyton386 commented.

“I’m convinced there are some drivers on the road that hope for an accident at this speed so they can get out of a bad lease or scam insurance,” /u/savourtheflavor mused.

“TForce Freight. As an employee, I can tell you, TForce is always the idiot,” /u/Beneficial-Swan-5849 added towards the end.

Idiots in cars come in all shapes and sizes of vehicle.

Just because they’re in a semi, don’t expect semi drivers to not pull hare brained moves like some drivers out there.


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