Doing this one trick might prevent thieves from getting away with your bike.

Presumed Brazilian and Redditor /u/Juni1898 shared local security camera footage to the /r/funny subreddit showing the ingenious moment a Brazilian man prevents his bike from getting stolen by two bike thieves by using an unorthodox maneuver.

Before I tell you how he did it, watch his video below.

Man prevents his bike from being stolen in an unusual way
byu/Juni1898 infunny

In the video, we see what looks like a delivery man checking his phone while he stands next to his adventure bike.

Suddenly, two bikes come into frame, one with two riders and another with just a single rider.

The bike with two riders overtakes the other motorcycle, brakes, forcing the rider to stop, and begins their attempt to steal his bike.

The victim struggles at first but lets the bike thieves do their thing.

While the other motorcyclist begins to lead the way, his partner mounts and attempts to ride away with his stolen prize.

With all new things, you have to take a moment to get used to the new operator configuration.

The bike thief was distracted.

The quick thinking bike owner does something unexpected, runs forward, and pushes his bike over with a quick shove to the closed rear rack.

This is no ordinary bike, it’s a hefty adventure bike ID’d as a Royal Enfield Himalayan.

At over 440 pounds without a passenger and their belongings, it’s not exactly light.

It’s also quite expensive, retailing for over $5,000 new.

To put it in perspective, it’s almost twice what a Honda dirt bike weighs.

He runs away to let the bike thief either give up or struggle to pick it up.

He does manage to get it up and attempt to take off, again, but the bike owner does it two more times!

Flummoxed and not having a plan B, the bike thieves give up and run off.

His bike is saved.

With the help of a passerby, he gets his bike back up, no problem.

“He knows how much of a pain in the a** it is to lift it up, /u/dolpgg commented.

“I wish after he pushed over his bike the second time he would have run the other way and pushed over the thieves bike as well for good measure, /u/IrritatedAvians added.

“Why did I find this hilarious? The way he’d come off camera and just push him down over and over. His timing. The gait. The way he skedaddled…Good job lanky crime fighter!, /u/YourGifMadeMeSignUp replied.

The quick thinking and bravery this man had at keeping his bike from being stolen was just brilliant.

I tip my hat to you, Himalayan owner.


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