While there’s no definitive proof this didn’t actually happen, there are some details that lead us to believe it’s fake, albeit a very good viral ad.

There’s a viral video randomly going around social media showing a Honda Odyssey van with Arizona plates backing into a convenience store before it’s revealed that the driver is a bewildered, and confused little girl.

Is it real, or is it an ad for an energy drink?

Check out the ad for yourself below and why I believe it’s a fake, yet very good viral ad.

First, HD POV footage like this would’ve not only gone viral on social media, it would’ve made the news by now.

A search on Google News and Twitter reveals this late breaking story hasn’t made it to search results yet.

Then, there is the footage itself. The footage looks good, almost too good.

“This looks like it was filmed with a good camera and then edited to make it look like it was filmed with a phone,” says Redditor /u/Alukrad whose comment is the highest upvoted on a Reddit thread discussing this recently viral video.

“Yeah, the image quality of the Dynamic range is too good and zooms look like an actual lens. Movement is too slow like it’s a DSLR sized camera it least, car alarm audio is clearly faked and too crisp and clean,” /u/We_are_Nerdish replied.

The real tell that this is a very good viral ad is all the product placement, you’ve got shots of Odyssey Mushroom Elixir energy drink before, during, and after the Honda Odyssey van does its destruction derby demo.

Then, there are small details like how they used an old Honda Odyssey, a nod to the namesake of their drink.

There’s also the fact that the van remains relatively undamaged despite reversing into a whole convenience store storefront.

The rear of this van remains undamaged somehow, probably because it’s FAKE.

Odyssey Mushroom Elixir, y’all definitely got me the first, second, and (admittedly) third time I watched it to see if it was fake.

And, it worked, you got me to write about it so, at least you’ll get some SEO link juice to your site.


I for sure wouldn’t have known about this drink if it wasn’t for your clever, viral ad.


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