Home security footage shows a white dually avoiding hitting another truck before violently crashing into a corner home.

Home security footage of a white dually crashing into an Oxnard, CA home seems to make the rounds on social media every couple of months (like this one on TikTok), so I searched around to find out when it happened and if there were any updates.

According to the “Stay Classy Oxnard” Facebook and Instagram page, this incident happened early in August 2021 with an update posted below.

Check out the viral video and update for yourself.

The accident happened at a house on the corner of Iris St. and Saviers Road in Oxnard, CA (exact location on the map linked here.)

In the video, we can see a work/utility truck on Iris St. ready to make a left turn across opposing traffic onto Saviers Rd.

The driver underestimates how fast traffic is coming, drives forward, and stops in the middle of the road to avoid hitting a black car in the left lane.

The black car swerves out of the way to avoid getting hit.

A driver in a GMC Dually following the black car is not so lucky.

The GMC Dually driver brakes at what looks like a speed over the 40 MPH speed limit, swerves to avoid the stopped utility truck, clips their rear, and barrels towards the front of the corner house.

The dually crashes into the house, the driver appearing to be OK.

We can hear his truck making an automatic call to emergency services via OnStar.

Keen eyes will notice the work truck responsible for this mess pulling off to the side of Saviers Rd. and parking.

“We’re happy to announce that no one was hurt, the driver was not intoxicated and it was all a pure accident. Avoidable but an accident nonetheless. The family wishes to remain anonymous, but thanks their neighbors for coming through in a time of need,” an update from Stay Classy Oxnard reads.

According to Facebook user Francine Castanon, this isn’t even the first time someone’s crashed there, Castanon sharing a picture of a car that crashed into the backyard of the same house.

And, if you look up their address on the publicly available Google Maps, you can see that, as of 2022, they’ve added bollards encased in concrete to prevent damage to their house on the off chance it happens again.

You know it’s serious when a house puts up bollards in their yard.

Prior to seeing the bollards, I wouldn’t feel safe living in a house with that history but, knowing how effective bollards are, I’m sure they feel a lot safer.


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