The pickup truck driver was undeterred by a Right lane must turn right sign.

Florida resident and Redditor /u/skittyislitty shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the shocking moment a Dodge Ram driver in Fernandina, FL decided to use the right turn only lane to cut in only to have it backfire in a major way.

/u/skityislitty’s thread and video is posted below. You’ll have to bear with the sun glare.

[oc] truck tries to cut in front of dually, instantly regrets it
byu/skittyislitty inIdiotsInCars

As mentioned, the accident happened in Fernandina Beach, FL at the intersection of Old Nassauville Road and SR 200 AIA (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s video shows he’s driving behind a dually pulling a trailer in the rightmost lane of SR 200.

In the corner of the dashcam we see a driver in a red Dodge Ram in the right turn only lane signal left to presumably cut in line instead of waiting their turn.

As this screenshot shows, the Ram driver has a finite amount of space to make his maneuver as a pedestrian island blocks their way.

The driver in the dually is not giving the Ram driver an inch, does not slow down, and clips the front quarter of the driver’s Ram causing him to spin a whole 180 degrees.

The Ram’s effectively been T-boned.

A truck in the left lane veers out of the way and the other two trucks drive out of traffic to avoid a secondary collision.

It’s worth noting that everyone involved came out unharmed.

“Luckily he did loop around and everyone was unharmed,” OP answered from someone who asked if it was a hit-and-run.

“That pickup driver probably pulls that s*** all the time, and it works because people let him in. Not anymore,” /u/KaUuNator replied.

“When will people learn that the person in the non-merging lane doesn’t have to let you over. It’s not their fault you waited until the last second to merge. Doesn’t matter if you speed up or not,” /u/WhiteFire01 added.

All too often, drivers in larger vehicles feel like they can do whatever they want just because they have the size and power to do so.

It all comes crashing down when other drivers in similarly sized or larger vehicles have a larger chip on their shoulder and have even less to lose.

Especially in states like Florida and Texas where everyone drivers a truck, your “road dominance” becomes less of a factor when attempting a hare-brained move like this.

The rules of the road apply to everyone regardless of the size of your vehicle and using a turn only lane as a lane to cut back in will only work so many times until this happens.


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