Doing this might work for you, but it only works at night, obviously.

Working as a delivery driver, finding the general area of a customer’s address is often the easy part, but it’s finding where exactly that customer lives that can prove frustrating.

So, when Redditor /u/Halzen got a message from his Uber Eats delivery driver that he couldn’t find his address, he did this and the delivery driver immediately found his address shortly after.

/u/Halzen shared his story to the /r/Flashlight subreddit in November, 2020.

Uber Eats driver couldn’t find my address. Had to light the beacon.
byu/halzen inflashlight

If it wasn’t completely obvious what he did, OP turned on one of his brightest flashlights, pointed it up into the air, and used it as a beacon so his Uber Eats delivery driver could find him without GPS.

“Look to the sky. Follow the beacon,” OP replied to his Uber driver.

“What? Oh my God, I see it” his Uber driver replied back.

Presumably, the Uber driver was able to follow the beam straight to the customer’s house.

“You just gave him a side quest. What the f***?,” /u/Bojackxtodd commented.

“That’s one pepperoni and a 2-liter…and what’s the address? (Matthew McConaughey voice: “Look to the sky,”” /u/MeGoBoom57 hilariously added.

If you’re wondering what kind of flashlight OP used, it’s no ordinary flashlight and isn’t one you can buy off the shelf at Walmart or Target.

The flashlight he used is a $100 flashlight called a Noctigon K1 Thrower, a specialized flashlight that uses a powerful 21700 Lithium Ion battery that can “throw” a beam 1500 meters or almost a full mile!

According to the /r/Flashlight subreddit,

“Highly-focused long-range lights like these are called “throwers” You probably don’t want a dedicated thrower as your first modern flashlight though…”

If you want to buy one, the /r/Flashlight subreddit has it linked at this url and it’s worth reading the full comment from above if you’re in the market for a light with similar capabilities.

If you’re in the market for a thrower to hail down Uber drivers but don’t want to spend that much, check out the Wurkkos TD01 (linked here).

The TD01 is half the price but can throw a beam a good 1,000 meters, more than enough beam to point into the sky to help even the most lost Uber drivers find where you live.

It’s also just a decent flashlight to have around for emergency purposes for home, auto, and not to mention the occasional lost Uber driver.

/u/Halzen’s post was so legendary for the /r/Flashlight subreddit that it pops up on social media a couple of times a year from time to time.

There aren’t many use cases for such a specialized light that I can think of off the top of my head for regular city and suburban folk, but this is one of them.

If you constantly get messages from Uber drivers that they can’t find your house, this is your sign to get you one of these throwers!


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